James A. Banks is the editor of Transforming Multicultural Education Policy and Practice: Expanding Educational Opportunity. This book commemoratives the 25th Anniversary of the Multicultural Education Series that Banks edits for Teachers College Press. The series consists of more than 70 published books with many more in the pipeline. In addition to the Introduction and an original chapter, this book consists of chapters reprinted from 12 of the most influential books published in the Multicultural Education Series since it began in 1996. Chapters by NAEd members Tyrone C. Howard, Sonia Nieto, Carol D. Lee, Guadalupe Valdes, Christine E. Sleeter, Linda Darling-Hammond, and Pedro Noguera are included in this Commemorative volume. 

Estela Bensimon in “An Unpredicted Academic Career” published in Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research (2021, Volume 37), recounts momentous events in her life, from her upbringing to her career in education, her founding and directing of the Center for Urban Education at the University of Southern California, and her present-day equity-leadership role as a consultant to foundations and institutions of higher education.

Estela Bensimon has been invited by the College Futures Foundation to lead a year-long in-depth study—Becoming a College President in California—to understand how presidential appointments happen in the University of California, California State University, and the California Community Colleges.  The five-member research team is made up of recent PhD recipients who are starting their careers as professors and scholars of racial equity in higher education.

With support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Estela Bensimon and colleagues at the USC Race and Equity Center led by Dr. Shaun Harper (NAEd Member), convened The Racial Equity in Mathematics Leadership Institute for over 100 California community college math instructors involved in the anti-remediation movement.  

Henry Braun received the AERA 2021 E.F. Lindquist Award. The award is meant to acknowledge a body of research of an empirical, theoretical, or integrative nature rather than a single study.

Michael Cole published the following:

Cole, M. (2021, November 1). Past Lacuna, Insights, Solutions, and Contemporary Challenges: Invited Discussion of the Keynote Session on Conceptualizing and Operationalizing Macrosystems (L.S. Liben, Chair). Presented at the online Society for the Study of Human Development (SSHD) 2021-2022.  Conference Series

Cole, M. (2021, November 17) “From Vygotsky to Cultural-Historical Activity Theory: One mediator’s perspective”. International round table. 125th anniversary of the birth of L. S. Vygotsky Moscow State Pedagogical University. Online.

“Re-visiting Vygotsky’s Concept of Vrashchivanie (ingrowing): A focus on metaphors”.  Obrazovatel’naya Politika (Educational Politics). October, 2021.

Rubén Donato, with Jarrod Hanson (Dissertation 2012) published The Other American Dilemma: Schools, Mexicans, and the Nature of Jim Crow, 1912-1953. (SUNY). Donato was also appointed the Bob and Judy Charles Endowed Chair of Education.  

Kieran Egan has published a new book. It is not exactly an academic work, but Tenure (Edmonton: NeWest Press, 2021) is a comic campus thriller, in which a drug lord tries to ensure tenure for the wife of someone who by chance saved his life. The drug lord finds the university more devious and corrupt than anything in the drug business. “Filled with delightfully quirky characters, Tenure is an entertaining romp that pits organized crime against the disorganized  mob of the academic world” (cover blurb.) Kieran Egan has also published a volume of poetry, Amplified Silence, (New Westminster, B.C.: Silver Bow Publishing, 2021.)

Patricia Gándara published two books this year:

Patricia Gándara and Bryant Jensen (2021).  The Students we Share: Preparing US and Mexican Educators for Our Transnational Future, with a Foreword by Linda Darling-Hammond.  Albany:  SUNY Press.  (Spanish version  due in 2022).

Patricia Gándara and Jongyeon Ee (2021).  “Schools under Siege:  The Impact of Immigration Enforcement on Educational Equity.”  Cambridge:  Harvard Education Press.

Nancy Hornberger had three new publications in 2021, the first two resulting from invited presentations and the last part of a well-deserved and lovely tribute to Ofelia García (NAEd Member).

Hornberger, N. H. (2021). Foreword: Teaching and researching in linguistically and culturally diverse classrooms In P. Juvonen & M. Källkvist (Eds.), Pedagogical Translanguaging: Theoretical, Methodological and Empirical Perspectives (pp. xi-xxi). Multilingual Matters. 

Hornberger, N. H. (2021). Ideological and implementational spaces in Covid-era language policy and planning: Perspectives from Indigenous communities in the Global South. Journal of Multilingual Theories and Practices, 2(1), 71-97. 

Hornberger, N. H. (2022). Imagining multilingualism with Ofelia: Translanguaging and the continua of biliteracy. In B. Otçu-Grillman & M. Gorjian (Eds.), Re-making Multilingualism: A Tribute to Ofelia García. Multilingual Matters. 

Tyrone Howard was recently elected to Kappa Delta Phi Laureate Chapter. The KDP Laureate Chapter includes 60 living educators who have made a significant and lasting impact on the profession of education. 

David Kaplan was named the Max Kade Visiting Professor for the Fall 2021 academic semester at in the Institute für Bildungsforschung (Institute for Education Science) at the University of Heidelberg.

Michael W. Kirst received the James Bryant Conant Award. This award was established in 1977 to memorialize Conant, a pivotal figure in the education reforms of the 1950s and ’60s that continue to shape schools today. Awardees have demonstrated exemplary service as a public figure or elected official deeply involved in improving education for all. 

Gloria Ladson-Billings has been named the Distinguished Visiting Scholar in Race & Social at the Graduate School of Education at Rutgers University. Gloria has also been named the winner of the Horace Mann League’s 2022 Outstanding Public Educator Award.

Carol D. Lee is the 2021 recipient of the AERA Distinguished Contributions to Research in Education Award for her ground-breaking work in the cultural foundations of learning. Over the past year, she was also awarded the 2021 McGraw Prize in Learning Science Research for bringing revelatory perspectives to the field, as well as the 2021 National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) James R. Squire Award, which is given to an NCTE member who has had a transforming influence and has made a lasting intellectual contribution to the profession. 

Teresa McCarty on September 1 began a 2021-2022 fellowship at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS) at Stanford. She is fortunate to be located in CASBS Study #9 – the same Study as NAEd Members Gloria Ladson-Billings (2003-04 CASBS Fellow), James Banks (2005-06 CASBS Fellow), and Margaret Eisenhart (2008-09 CASBS Fellow), and which was endowed by James and Cherry Banks.

She was also promoted to Distinguished Professor of Education at UCLA. On November 5, 2001, she gave an Invited Lecture for the Penn State African Studies Global Virtual Forum 2021-2022 hosted by Professor Sinfree Makoni. The theme of the Global Forum is “Decoloniality and Southern Epistemologies.” Her talk was entitled, “Indigenous-Language Immersion and Holistic Wellbeing—Insights from Native American Communities and Schools.” 

With NAEd Member Bryan McKinley Jones Brayboy, she published an article in The Educational Forum entitled, “Culturally Responsive, Sustaining, and Revitalizing Pedagogies: Perspectives from Native American Education” (McCarty & Brayboy, 2021). The article is part of a special issue guest edited by NAEd Member Gloria Ladson-Billings, on “Three Decades of Culturally Relevant, Responsive, and Sustaining Pedagogy: What Lies Ahead?”

With colleagues on the Spencer-funded “Indigenous-Language Immersion and Native American Student Achievement Study,” she published an article in the Journal of Language, Identity, and Education entitled, “‘A Viable Path for Education’—Indigenous-Language Immersion and Sustainable Self-Determination” (McCarty, Noguera, Lee, & Nicholas, 2021). The article is part of a special issue on “Decolonial Struggles in Indigenous Language Education in Neoliberal Times,” guest edited by Prem Phyak and Peter De Costa

Laura W. Perna received a Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Michigan’s School of Education.

Alejandro Portes received a doctorate honoris causa in the Social Sciences from the University of Alicante in Spain, October 26th, 2021. He also delivered the annual course opening address at the Ortega y Gassett University Institute of Madrid, October 25, 2021 The same institute designated him an honorary fellow for contributions to the development of the social sciences in Spain. Finally, Portes published a new book, The New Spaniards: The Integration of the Second Generation (co-edited with Rosa Aparicio), Granada: Bellaterra, 2021 (in Spanish).

Christine Sleeter’s book (with Miguel Zavala) Transformative Ethnic Studies in Schools (Teachers College Press, 2020) was awarded the Outstanding Book of the Year by the Association for Ethnic Studies. Christine made invited presentations about ethnic studies to faculty and students at Cuesta College in California (virtually), faculty and graduate students at San Diego State University (in person), and the California School Boards Association Annual Conference (in person). She also gave invited keynote addresses (virtually) to the Critical Examination of Race and Racism in Teacher Education Conference at the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, the Korean Association for Multicultural Education in Seoul, and the Centre for Leadership and Diversity Conference at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

William F. Tate IV was named the President of  Louisiana State University.

Judith Torney-Purta has been working on the IEA Civic Education Studies since the mid-1970s, when this subject area became part of the organization’s six-subject area survey. Judith happened to have an office near other University of Chicago doctoral students who were working on these IEA studies while she was independently working on a book reporting a study of political socialization in the U.S. Given the overlap between the topics of civic education and political attitude development, she was invited to join the IEA civic education project. The IEA organization repeated the studies after the Berlin Wall fell, and Judith authored Civic Knowledge and Engagement in Twenty-eight Countries: An Empirical Study in 2001.

Two other IEA civic education studies have taken place since, and in mid-2000 the IEA organization published an edited book as a retrospective—Influences of the IEA Civic and Citizenship Education Studies across Countries and Regions: This book (edited by Barbara Malak-Minkiewicz and Judith Torney-Purta) was released on June 1, 2021. Educational researchers oriented toward Europe or Latin America will be particularly interested in the book’s fifteen chapters on specific countries (to give three examples—Estonia, Mexico, and the Netherlands).  In addition, one of the chapters in the second part of the Influences book covers the European region and is authored by an incoming Fellow, Maria Magdalena Isac (Postdoctoral 2021). Carolyn Barber, who was the senior author of the chapter on classroom environment in the Academy’s Civic Reasoning and Engagement volume (Lee, White & Dong, 2021), also has a chapter in the Influences book.  The full Academy volume is available here:  

In recent conference presentations Judith has been emphasizing that the data from all of the IEA civic studies has been deposited at, a data archive at the University of Michigan’s ICPSR.  These freely available datasets (totaling more than twenty in number) can be of special value to doctoral and post-doctoral fellows who are currently finding it difficult to obtain permission to collect new data due to COVID.  In addition to data from all the IEA civic education studies, data from William Damon (NAEd Member)’s studies on civic purpose can be found in  A recent conference paper explored the possibility of adding survey data collected in Spanish and associated instruments to CivicLEADS (to encourage more bilingual studies). 

Elliott Turiel has received the Distinguished Contributions to Developmental Science Award from the Jean Piaget Society for the Study of Knowledge and Development. He also has been invited to give Keynote Presentations at the Catholic University of Colombia at a meeting on Challenges of Educational Psychology, and at The 7th International Early Childhood Education Congress in Izmir, Turkey. He also has in press the following: 

Turiel, E. (in press). The Development of moral judgments, emotions, and sentiments. In D. Dukes, A. Samson, & E. Walle (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of Emotional Development. New York:  Oxford University Press.

Turiel, E. (in press). Moral judgments and actions: Development and processes of coordination. In M. Killen & J. G. Smetana (Eds.), Handbook of Moral Development, 3rd edition. Taylor and Francis Publishers.

Angela Valenzuela had the honor of delivering the Fall 2021 Commencement address for the College of Education at the University of Texas at Austin. It’s titled, “The pandemic as a portal to a brighter future,” and can be accessed at . It begins with the College of Education Dean Charles Martinez introduces Dr. Valenzuela at the 30:22 mark.


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