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Thursday, March 11

Fellows Retreat

10:00 AM – 10:30 AM ET

Opening & Welcome to the Spring Fellows Retreat

Megan Bang, Spencer Foundation
Megan Franke
, University of California, Los Angeles,
Chair of the NAEd Professional Development Committee


10:45 AM – 11:45 AM ET

Fellowship Retreat Sessions 

Dissertation Fellows and Awardees: Check-in and updates

Postdoctoral Fellows and Awardees: Check-in and updates


12:15 – 1:00 PM ET

Meet the Funder – Panel

It is valuable for grant writers to know their audience and understand what that particular audience values in regards to education research.  During this panel, representatives from a range of funding agencies will provide insight into their specific programs and organizational values. 

 Institute of Education Sciences (IES)
Elizabeth Albro, Commissioner of Education Research

National Science Foundation (NSF)
Sarah-Kay McDonald, Senior Advisor

Spencer Foundation
Megan Bang, Senior Vice President
Leah Bricker, Program Officer
Preeya Mbekeani, Program Officer
Jeana Morrison, Program Officer

William T. Grant Foundation
Jenny Irons, Program Officer 

1:30 PM – 2:15 PM ET

Meet the Funder – Discussion and Q&A (Gather)

During this session, fellows and awardees will have the opportunity to interact with the funders who presented on the previous panel. This session will be hosted on the Gather platform to allow fellows and awardees to speak with multiple funders throughout the session.


2:45 PM – 4:30 PM ET

Fellows and Awardees Discussion Panel 1

Panel 1-A

Panel Facilitator: Roderick Carey, University of Delaware 

Matt Kautz, Teachers College, Columbia University
Punishing Promise: School Discipline and Boston Police during Desegregation
Postdoctoral Discussant: Roderick Carey, University of Delaware 

David McMillon, University of Chicago
Dismantling the School to Prison Pipeline: Three Essays on the Policy Implications of Systems Thinking
Postdoctoral Discussant: John Singleton, University of Rochester

Julissa Muñiz, Northwestern University
“I Don’t Think No Kid Should Be Here:”  A Critical Ethnography on Learning in the Carceral Context
Postdoctoral Discussant: Vaughn Watson, Michigan State University

Panel 1-B

Panel Facilitator:  Kathryn Kirchgasler, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Chelsea Chamberlain, University of Pennsylvania
“Receiving, Sorting, and Disposing of Children”: The Place of Human Defect in Progressive America
Postdoctoral Discussant: Kathryn Kirchgasler, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Kathleen Reeb-Reascos, State University of New York, University at Buffalo
Placing Students with (Dis)abilities: A Qualitative Examination of How Institutional Arrangements and Parental Involvement Influence Placement Processes and Opportunities for Students with Higher Needs
Postdoctoral Discussant: Rachel Fish, New York University

Huimin Wang, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Creating the Well-Adjusted Citizen: The Human Sciences and Public Schools in the United States, World War I – 1950
Postdoctoral Discussant: Rachel Wahl, University of Virginia  

Panel 1-C

Panel Facilitator: Cati de los Rios, University of California, Berkeley 

Aris Clemons, University of Texas at Austin
Speaking race: A raciolinguistic analysis on perceptions of Dominican(-American) linguistic repertoires
Postdoctoral Discussant: Cati de los Rios, University of California, Berkeley

Frances Cooley, University of Texas at Austin
Investigating the Role of Visual Language on Reading Strategies in Native Deaf Signers
Postdoctoral Discussant: Ilana Umansky, University of Oregon

Sarah Surrain, Harvard University
Dual Language Learners in Transition from Home to School: The Role of Parental Attitudes and Home Language Practices in Bilingual Development
Postdoctoral Discussant: Diego Roman, University of Wisconsin-Madison

5:00 PM – 6:45 PM ET

Fellows and Awardees Discussion Panel 2

Panel 2-A

Panel Facilitator: Natasha Quadlin, University of California, Los Angeles 

Christopher Bennett, Vanderbilt University
Master’s for hire: Experimental evidence on employers’ perceptions of master’s degrees from for-profit institutions
Postdoctoral Discussant: Natasha Quadlin, University of California, Los Angeles 

Shauna Dyer, University of Michigan
No Longer a Guarantee: Postsecondary Education, Job Quality, and Heterogenous Outcomes
Postdoctoral Discussant: Laura Enriquez, University of California, Irvine

Panel 2-B

Panel Facilitator: Chunyan Yang, University of California, Berkeley 

Maya Escueta, Teachers College, Columbia University
The Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma: The Effect of a Mother’s Childhood Exposure to Armed Conflict
Postdoctoral Discussant: Chunyan Yang, University of California, Berkeley

Owen Schochet, Georgetown University
The impacts of a two-generation program on low-income children’s development: Examining the role of parents’ human capital and self-sufficiency
Postdoctoral Discussant: Jordan Conwell, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Cora Wigger, Northwestern University
Full Circle: Assessing the Changing Link Between Education and Housing
Postdoctoral Discussant: Amalia Dache, University of Pennsylvania

Panel 2-C

Panel Facilitator: Eve Ewing, University of Chicago 

Angela Crumdy, City University of New York Graduate Center
Teaching Revolution: Black Women Primary School Teachers, Socio-economic Transition and Race in 21st Century Cuba
Postdoctoral Discussant: Cassie Brownell, University of Toronto-Ontario Institute for Studies in Education [OISE]

Briana Nichols, University of Pennsylvania
Waiting for Change: Indigenous youth striving for non-migration in Guatemala
Postdoctoral Discussant: Eve Ewing, University of Chicago 

Hafsa Oubou, Northwestern University
Teachers of Islam: Education, Religion, and Politics in Public Schools in Belgium
Postdoctoral Discussant: Travis Bristol, University of California, Berkeley

Choua Xiong, University of Wisconsin-Madison
The Home Called HMoob: Sociocultural Citizenship and Belonging in a Northern Thai School
Postdoctoral Discussant: Jing Xu, University of Washington

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM ET

Social Networking (Gather)

Friday, March 12

Fellows Retreat

10:00 AM – 11:45 AM ET

Fellows and Awardees Discussion Panel 3

Panel 3-A

Panel Facilitator: Jessica Harris, University of California, Los Angeles 

Cindy Escobedo, University of California, Los Angeles
Nuancing the Latina/Chicana Scholar Narrative: An Examination of Motherscholar-Daughterscholar Higher Education Experiences
Postdoctoral Discussant: Jessica Harris, University of California, Los Angeles

Sarah Rendon Garcia, Harvard University
Navigating Immigration Status en Familia: An Exploration of Caregiver Understanding, Child Awareness, and Caregiver-Child Attachment Quality in Latinx Mixed-Status Families
Postdoctoral Discussant: Caitlin Patler, University of California, Davis

Astrid Sambolín Morales, University of Colorado
“¿Y este no era el sueño americano?”:  Displaced Puerto Rican mothers’ agency, resiliency, and resistance post-Hurricane Maria
Postdoctoral Discussant: Ranita Ray, University of Nevada

Panel 3-B

Panel Facilitator: Rebecca Taylor, Suffolk University 

Jisoo Hyun, University of Washington
Education at the Crossroads of Trans-Pacific US and Japanese Imperialisms: Korean Schooling in Territorial Hawaii, 1906–1940
Postdoctoral Discussant: Rebecca Taylor, Suffolk University

Jennifer Johnson, University of Oklahoma
One cannot live down one’s raising in a day: Seminole Education 1848-1930
Postdoctoral Discussant: Margaret Vigil-Fowler, Independent Scholar

Alexa Rodriguez, Teachers College, Columbia University
Education and Modernization during the United States Occupation of the Dominican Republic, 1916-1924
Postdoctoral Discussant: Raquel Otheguy, Bronx Community College, City University of New York

Panel 3-C

Panel Facilitator: David DeLiema, University of Minnesota 

Peter Harvey, University of Pennsylvania
Shaking Hands and Standing Still: Lessons in Body Management from Two Elementary Schools
Postdoctoral Discussant: David DeLiema, University of Minnesota

Salvador Huitzilopochtli, University of California, Santa Cruz
Using Writing to Support Mathematical Arguments in Early Algebra
Postdoctoral Discussant: David Weintrop, University of Maryland

Michael Jarry-Shore, Stanford University
Noticing Student Struggle in the Middle-School Mathematics Classroom
Postdoctoral Discussant: Jen Munson, Northwestern University

12:00 PM – 1:30 PM ET

Individual Mentoring Sessions

Fellows and awardees will meet individually with mentors during their assigned times, which were sent to all groups via email.  Please email Angie Harmon if you are unsure of your individual mentoring time.

Social Networking (Gather)
Fellows and awardees may join the social networking session on Gather while their mentors meet with other fellows and awardees.

2:00 PM – 3:45 PM ET

Fellows and Awardees Discussion Panel 4

Panel 4-A

Panel Facilitator: Shayl Griffith, Florida International University

Jasmine Alvarado, Boston College
Traversing Multiple Spaces and Places: An Ethnographic Study of Families in a Two-Way Immersion Program in a Gentrifying Community
Postdoctoral Discussant: Shayl Griffith, Florida International University

Alisha Butler, University of Maryland
There Goes the Neighborhood School: Towards an Understanding of the Effects of Gentrification on Public Schools
Postdoctoral Discussant: Daniel Rees Lewis, Northwestern University

Amelia Herbert, Teachers College, Columbia University
“A Ticket to Life”:  Marketized Schooling, Spatial Pedagogy, and the Politics of Aspiration in Cape Town, South Africa
Postdoctoral Discussant: Luis Leyva, Vanderbilt University

Jessica Peng, University of Pennsylvania
Archipelagic “Potentials”: Education, Labor, and Infrastructures in Indonesia
Postdoctoral Discussant: Emma Elliott-Groves, University of Washington

Panel 4-B

Panel Facilitator: Julia Lerch, University of California, Irvine 

Kylie Anglin, University of Virginia
Who Needs Rules? The Impact of Deregulation in Traditional Public Schools
Postdoctoral Discussant: Julia Lerch, University of California, Irvine

Christina Brown, University of California, Berkeley
How Can Principals Motivate Teachers? Understanding Subjective Performance Pay versus Monitoring
Postdoctoral Discussant: Si Chen, Harvard University

Sebastian Otero, Stanford University
Affirmative Action in College Education
Postdoctoral Discussant: Juan Garibay, University of Virginia

Panel 4-C

Panel Facilitator: Matthew Shirrell, George Washington University

Bruce Haupt, University of Kentucky
The power of networks for spreading innovations in higher education: Social network analysis of the growth of competency-based education programs
Postdoctoral Discussant: Matthew Shirrell, George Washington University

Jarrel Johnson, Iowa State University
Quaring Historically Black Universities: A case study examination on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer student inclusion at two historically Black universities
Postdoctoral Discussant: Jon Wargo, Boston College

Peng Yin, University of California, Berkeley
The racialization of international student mobility: Roots, effects, and implications for American higher education institutions
Postdoctoral Discussant: Daniel Morales-Doyle, University of Illinois-Chicago

4:00 PM – 4:30 PM ET

Discussion Panel Feedback

Each dissertation fellow or awardee will meet individually with their postdoctoral discussant to discuss the fellows forum presentation or paper that was uploaded to DropBox in advance of the retreat. Fellows and awardees have been asked to contact one another to determine the best platform to use to conduct this virtual feedback session. If you run into technical issues setting up your virtual meeting, please contact technical support staff at

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM ET

Group Mentoring Session

Fellows and awardees will meet as a group with mentors during their assigned times, which were sent to all groups via email. We have asked mentees to reach out to their mentors directly to determine the best platform to use for these virtual mentoring sessions. If you have any questions about the mentor schedule, please reach out to Angie Harmon ( If you run into technical issues setting up your mentoring sessions, please contact technical support staff at 

6:15 PM – 6:45 PM ET

Recap and Closing

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