Anjali Adukia (Postdoctoral 2018) is the inaugural recipient of the Association for Education Finance and Policy’s Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Award. Her paper (joint with Alex Eble (Postdoctoral 2019), Emileigh Harrison (Dissertation 2023), Hakizumwami Birali Runesha, Teodora Szasz)), “What We Teach about Race and Gender: Representation in Images and Text of Children’s Books” has been accepted at Quarterly Journal of Economics. Her paper (joint with Patricia Chiril, Callista Christ, Anjali Das, Alex Eble, (Postdoctoral 2019), Emileigh Harrison (Dissertation 2023), and Hakizumwami Birali Runesha), “Tales and Tropes: Gender Roles from Word Embeddings in a Century of Children’s Books”, was published in the Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING).

Monisha Bajaj (Postdoctoral 2008) co-authored a new book entitled Humanizing Education for Immigrant and Refugee Youth: 20 Strategies for the Classroom and Beyond, published by Teachers College Press (2023). The book offers 20 strategies grouped under three categories: (1) classroom and instructional design, (2) school design, and (3) extracurricular, community, and alumni partnerships; it also has student and school profiles and a companion website for educators: https://www.monishabajaj.net/immigrefugeeed

John Bell’s (Dissertation 2016) first book, Degrees of Equality: Abolitionist Colleges the Politics of Race, won the New Scholar’s Book Award from Division F of the American Educational Research Association.

Michelle Bellino (Postdoctoral 2016) has published two new articles, based on her research on education in contexts of im/migration and displacement. “Shifting ground or moving furniture around: Youth participatory action research in Kakuma Refugee Camp,” was published in Anthropology and Education Quarterly (DOI 10.1111/aeq.12463), and ” ‘Don’t let them go’: How student migration (re)shapes teachers’ work in rural Honduras,” co-authored with Maxie Gluckman, was published in Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education (DOI 10.1080/15595692.2022.2091541).

Chris Bennett (Dissertation 2020) received the Palmer O. Johnson Memorial Award from the American Educational Research Association (AERA) for his 2022 American Educational Research Journal paper, “Untested admissions: Examining changes in application behaviors and student demographics under test-optional policies” (https://journals.sagepub.com/stoken/default+domain/RMRIR6XS4QICVZDDIAZM/full). He was honored to be recognized alongside his wife, Dominique Baker (Postdoctoral 2022), who was named the AERA Early Career Award winner. Additionally, Bennett’s latest article, “On the tenuous track: Unionization efforts among contingent faculty at private colleges and universities,” was recently published in the Review of Higher Education (https://doi.org/10.1353/rhe.0.0189).

Tolani Britton (Dissertation 2016; Postdoctoral 2021) was awarded the 2023 Association for Education Finance and Policy (AEFP) Early Career Award. She also co-authored “Reimagining the machine learning life cycle to improve educational outcomes of students” published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) (https://www.pnas.org/doi/10.1073/pnas.2204781120).

Brian A. Burt (Postdoctoral 2016), Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, recently published one article “Experiencing research: Students’ perceptions of their group’s supervision and leadership,” published in Teachers College Record. This autoethnographic article is in part related to leading his student research group during his postdoctoral fellowship, and offers insights that would be useful for other Fellows taking similar research leave. Burt also received the 2023 Excellence in Diversity award from the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Nolan Cabrera (Postdoctoral 2014) gave the closing keynote address for the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education regarding current restrictions on higher education curricula, Critical Race Theory in particular.

Jessica Chandras (Dissertation 2018; Postdoctoral 2023) has published an article in January in the section of Teachers and Teacher Education in the journal Contemporary Education Dialogue, titled “Remote Reorientations: Teach for India Fellow Perceptions of Pedagogy and Technology During the COVID-19 Pandemic.” The article details ways that fellows with Teach for India, the Indian counterpart of Teach for America, adapted to changes with educational technology necessitated by the COVID19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021 in India. Chandras, J. (2023). Remote Reorientations: Teach for India Fellow Perceptions of Pedagogy and Technology During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Contemporary Education Dialogue, 20(1), 91–119. https://doi.org/10.1177/09731849221148518.

Daniel Chazan (Postdoctoral 1993) was awarded in February 2023 the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators Award for Excellence in Scholarship and spoke on “Representations of Practice and Evolving Infrastructures to Support their Use.” Chazan currently serves as the Research Commentary Editor for the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education and in that capacity has contributed to editorials since 2021. Chazan is involved in ongoing collaborations with colleagues in the UMD Center for Mathematics Education, with Dr. Patricio Herbst at the University of Michigan GRIP Lab, and with Drs. Michal Yerushalmy and Shai Olsher at MERI at the University of Haifa.

Angela Crumdy (Dissertation 2020) received a 2023 Emerging Scholar Award from the Comparative & International Education Society’s African Diaspora special interest group.

Jason Ellis (Postdoctoral 2017) published a new open-access article in the Journal of Canadian Studies/Revue d’études canadiennes, “Schooling in Western Canada, 1870–1923: An Anti-racist Interpretation.”

Eve Ewing (Postdoctoral 2020) and her collaborators recently published an article in Teachers College Record: “They Don’t Have the Right to Be Touching Girls”: Understanding Middle School Students’ Consent Scripts (https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/01614681231153180). Ewing also received the 2023 Nicolás Cristóbal Guillén Batista Outstanding Activist Intellectual and Scholar Award from the Caribbean Philosophical Association.

Hilary Falb Kalisman (Dissertation 2013; Postdoctoral 2019) published a state-of-the-field article, “The historiography of education in the modern Middle East” in History of Education, April 2023. https://doi.org/10.1080/0046760X.2022.2127006 Kalisman also spoke about her book, “Teachers as State-Builders: Education and the Making of the Modern Middle East” (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2022) at the University of Haifa, the Association of Middle East Children and Youth Studies and Ole Miss, as well as to classes at Rhodes College and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Alexandra Freidus (Dissertation 2017; Research Development Awardee 2022), Adriana Villavicencio, Erica Turner (Postdoctoral 2017), and Richard Blissett have received a pilot Vision Grant from the Spencer Foundation to explore how enrollment planning can serve as a catalyst to reconceptualize diversity & racial justice for a multiracial democracy; address political problems at the heart of structural inequality; and expand opportunities for multiracial publics to influence district policies. They will conduct this work across three multiracial districts that have experienced significant demographic shifts in the past two decades, engaging with district leaders and families from each of our three sites. Alexandra Freidus and Erica Turner (Postdoctoral 2017) have also co-authored an article about COVID-19 reopening debates in New York City Schools in Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis. (link: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.3102/01623737221121802)

Chloe Gibbs (Postdoctoral 2015) is serving a one-year appointment in the Biden-Harris Administration as a senior economist with the President’s Council of Economic Advisers (CEA). In March 2023, the CEA released the Economic Report of the President in which she authored Chapter 4 on the market for early childhood care and education. Her paper, co-authored with Andrew Barr (Postdoctoral 2017), “Breaking the Cycle? Intergenerational Effects of an Antipoverty Program in Early Childhood,” was published in the Journal of Political Economy in December 2022.

Michel Grosz (Dissertation 2015) started a position as Senior Advisor to the Chief Economist at the U.S. Department of Education.

Casandra Harper (Postdoctoral 2012) was awarded (PI) with a colleague (Brad Curs, co-PI) a small grant from the Spencer Foundation to study whether institutional financial relief funding helped improve academic or financial student outcomes across demographic characteristics.

Rosalind Horowitz (Postdoctoral 1985), Professor at The University of Texas at San Antonio, has edited The Routledge International Handbook of Research on Writing, released February 2023. This Handbook includes chapters by distinguished scholars who have addressed writing, in many cases, for over 50 years. It inaugurates a wide scope of essays, many the first of their kind, bringing together international research, with attention to writing at all levels of schooling and in a range of life situations. The Handbook incorporates ancient writings, development of child drawing through academic writing and literacy; interconnections between speech, reading and; digital writing; writing in communities; writing in the sciences and engineering; writing instruction and assessment; and writing and disability. A section on international measures for the assessment of writing is a special addition to this compendium of research. The volume is over 600 pages with 93 black and white illustrations and samples of writing. Each Chapter includes recommendations for future studies of the development of composing processes.

Benjamin Justice’s (Postdoctoral 2005) presidential address to the History of Education Society, titled “Schooling as a White Good” has been published in History of Education Quarterly 62:3 (2023). He is now gearing up for his year as a Visiting Scholar at the Russell Sage Foundation, which begins September 1st.

Yasmin Kafai (Postdoctoral 1997) has published “Restorying a Black girl’s future: Using womanist storytelling methodologies to reimagine dominant narratives in computing education” led by Mia S. Shaw, James Joshua Coleman (Postdoctoral 2023), and Ebony Elizabeth Thomas (Postdoctoral 2014), in the Journal of the Learning Sciences, 32:1, 52-75, DOI: 10.1080/10508406.2023.2179847

Tomás Kalmar’s (Postdoctoral 1999) magnum opus, “King Alfred the Great, his hagiographers and his cult: A childhood remembered”, has just been published by Amsterdam University Press in its new series, “Hagiography Beyond Tradition.” Nancy Partner of McGill University wrote this of the work: “Tomás Kalmar’s willingness to read and think about virtually everything ever written about King Alfred turns what might have been a well-informed useful work on the long afterlife of Alfred’s life and reign, and Asser’s Life of Alfred, into an excitingly dense microcosm of the genesis of British national identity over a thousand years. He traces a bedrock of historical fact morphing into national myth not only in schoolbook stories but championed by intellectuals and academics equally committed to their own ‘true Alfred,’ hero and exemplar of the nation. Kalmar uses his original trope of ‘Victorian reliquarianism’ to hold together medieval and modern emotional investments in the idea of Alfred, a true modern fetish for secular salvation, a religion of nation and empire. Built on exhaustive research, scrupulous close reading, and precise careful argumentation, Kalmar’s book makes scholarship enormously fun to read – it has narrative propulsion told in an appealingly direct authorial voice. Historical erudition, medievalist and modern, is rarely this compellingly interesting, rarely so frankly entertaining on subjects of continuing importance.” —Nancy Partner, McGill University. https://www.aup.nl/en/book/9789463729611/

Bruce Kimball’s (Postdoctoral 1986) new book was published by Johns Hopkins University Press in January 2023, co-authored with Sarah M. Iler: Wealth, Cost, and Price in American Higher Education: A Brief History, 1870s-2020s.

Adam Laats (Postdoctoral 2009) gave talks about the history of school culture wars at several institutions, including Stanford University, Columbia University, Washington State University, and the Royal Dutch Institute of Rome. He published commentary about conservative educational activism in the Washington Post, Kappan, and the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Meghan McCormick (Dissertation 2014) recently received an efficacy grant from the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) to conduct a long-term impact study of the INSIGHTS social-emotional learning program, which she also studied for her dissertation supported by the NAEd/Spencer Dissertation Fellowship. She also recently published a first-author paper in AERA Open entitled, “Going the Distance: Exploring Variation in Access to High-Quality PreK by Geographic Proximity, Race/Ethnicity, Family Income, and Home Language.” This study uses 6 years of administrative data from Boston to identify factors that promote more equitable access to high-quality PreK for children from racially/ethnically and socioeconomically marginalized groups.

Michele S. Moses (Dissertation 1998; Postdoctoral 2004), Professor of Education and Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs at the University of Colorado Boulder, served as President of the Philosophy of Education Society in 2022-2023. The recording of her presidential keynote address, “Democracy, Extremism, and the Crisis of Truth in Education,” is available for viewing on the Philosophy of Education Society’s YouTube channel, here. The article on which the keynote was based is forthcoming in the journal Philosophy of Education. There is also an episode of the podcast, “Thinking in the Midst,” dedicated to discussing her keynote.

Karen Mundy (Postdoctoral 1998) has completed her term as a Commissioner on the UNESCO Futures of Education Commission, whose report “Towards and New Social Contract for Education” has been published in 11 languages and generated engagement around the world. She has been appointed a Resident Fellow at the Center for Global Development, and continues her research on educational leadership and management in low and lower middle income countries and to teach at the University of Toronto.

Cindy Nguyen (Dissertation 2018) will begin as assistant professor this fall in the Department of Information Studies and Digital Humanities Program at University of California, Los Angeles.

Yoon Pak (Postdoctoral 2002) received the 2023 Campus Executive Officer Distinguished Leadership Award from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs & Provost at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Nicole Panorkou (Postdoctoral 2017), together with her former doctoral student Erell Germia, published the article “Young Students’ Forms of Reasoning about Multiple Quantities” in the journal For the Learning of Mathematics. The paper discusses different forms of reasoning about multiple quantities that sixth-grade students exhibited as they examined mathematical relationships within the context of science.

Emily Rauscher (Postdoctoral 2017) was promoted to Full Professor of Sociology at Brown University, effective July 1, 2023. A policy brief about her recent publication with former graduate student Yifan Shen was recently published by the American Sociology Association’s Development Section. The link is https://sociologyofdevelopment.com/2022/10/10/sociology-of-development-policy-brief-progressive-school-spending-is-efficient/.

Frank Reichert (Postdoctoral 2016) was invited by the Hong Kong Society for Quality to give a webinar entitled “Using Structural Equation Modeling to Determine the Associations Among Factors that Drive Performance” in December 2022. He also received a grant (together with Co-PI Prof. Dr. Monika Oberle) from the Germany/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme to examine “Students’ assessments of credibility in online environments”. The project runs from January 2023 until December 2024. In addition, together with Bastian Vajen and Steve Kenner, Frank Reichert published a new article “Digital citizenship education – Teachers’ perspectives and practices in Germany and Hong Kong” in Teaching and Teacher Education (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.tate.2022.103972).

K. Ann Renninger (Postdoctoral 1985) received the 2023 AERA Division C Sylvia Scribner Award, which is granted in recognition of current research that represents a significant advancement in our understanding of learning and instruction.

David Roberts’s (Postdoctoral 1999) chapter, titled “The Rise of the American New Math Movement: How National Security Anxiety and Mathematical Modernism Disrupted the School Curriculum,” appeared in the book Modern Mathematics: An International Movement?, published by Springer (March 2023).

Diego Román (Research Development Awardee 2019; Postdoctoral 2020) recently received the Chancellors’ Inclusive Teaching Excellence Award at the University of Wisconsin-Madison: https://news.wisc.edu/meet-the-2023-distinguished-teaching-award-recipients-2/.

John Rury (Postdoctoral 1986) published an article in Teachers College Record, titled “The Origins of Test-Based Accountability and Controversies about Its Impact, 1970-1983,” May 2022. His book, An Age of Accountability: How Standardized Testing Took Control of American Schools and Compromised Education, will be published by Rutgers University Press in October.

Guadalupe San Miguel Jr. (Postdoctoral 1984) recently published her sixth book titled In the Midst of Radicalism: Mexican American Moderates during the Chicano Movement, 1960-1978. The publisher is University of Oklahoma Press. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=in+the+midst+of+radicalism&crid=2EMCAYHQU7Y14&sprefix=in+the+midst+of+radicalism%2Caps%2C88&ref=nb_sb_noss_2

Campbell Scribner’s (Postdoctoral 2018) third book, A is for Arson: A History of Vandalism in American Education, is now available from Cornell University Press. (https://www.cornellpress.cornell.edu/book/9781501770746/a-is-for-arson/#bookTabs=1). Most of the book was completed during his NAEd/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship, and was the subject of his research presentation at the annual conference.

Zuchao Shen (Dissertation 2018) received the 2023 American Educational Research Association (AREA) Division D Early Career Award for contributing to the optimal design of experimental studies. He was awarded a three-year Spencer Foundation research grant to develop optimal sample strategies for experimental studies investigating main and moderation effects. He published an article in the Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis journal (https://doi.org/10.3102/01623737221111400). In addition, he accepted an offer from the University of Georgia and will join as an assistant professor of quantitative methodology in the Department of Educational Psychology in August 2023.

Alexander Sidorkin (Postdoctoral 1997) published a new book, Pedagogy of Relations: Education after Reform, Routledge, 2022.

Leigh Soares (Dissertation 2017) published an article in the History of Education Quarterly. “‘Tuskegee Is Her Monument’: Gender and Leadership in Early Public Black Colleges” is currently available via FirstView at https://doi.org/10.1017/heq.2023.3. The article is based on research related to her larger book project on Black southerners’ political struggle for public higher education in the decades after U.S. Emancipation.

Samantha Viano (Dissertation 2017) was named Outstanding Reviewer for Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis at the AERA Annual Meeting in April 2023. She also published one of her dissertation papers in Educational Policy “Online Credit Recovery as an Intervention for High School Students Who Fail Courses”. Along with Luis Rodriguez (Dissertation 2017, Postdoctoral 2023), she co-authored the article “Principal and Teacher Shared Race and Gender Intersections: Teacher Turnover, Workplace Conditions, and Monetary Benefits” in AERA Open.


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