2001 NAEd/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellows

Derrick P. Alridge, University of Georgia

The Educational Thought of W.E.B. DuBois: An Intellectual History

Ann Kathryn Boulis, University of Pennsylvania

Gender and Medical Education

Rebecca E. Bryant, Bogazi├ži University

An Examination of the Relationships Among Diversity-Related Efforts and their Individual Cumulative Effects on College Student Development

Mitchell James Chang, University of California, Los Angeles

An Examination of the Relationships Among Diversity-Related Efforts and their Individual Cumulative Effects on College Student Development

Gilberto Q. Conchas, Harvard University

Promoting Minority Academic Success: Understanding the Role of Institutional Mechanisms in Distinct School Contexts

Kimberly Ann Goyette, Temple University

The Mismatch Between Educational Expectations and Attainment: Explaining Race and Socioeconomic Differences

Emily Carroll Hannum, Harvard University

Children’s Schooling in Rural Northwest China

Ann Mari Hironaka, University of Minnesota

The Effects of Higher Education on Transitions to Political Democracy

Louise Bernadette Jennings, University of South Carolina

Investigating Inquiry-Based Pedagogies in the Context of Standards-Based Reforms

Jeesun Kim, University of Melbourne

The Importance of What is Being Read: Language Effects in Dyslexia

Michelle G. Knight, Columbia University

The Future is Present: An Ethnography of College-Bound Urban Youth’s Multiple Worlds

Matthew David Lassiter, University of Michigan

The Rise of the Suburban South: The Silent Majority and the Politics of Education, 1945-1975

Andrew B. Lewis, Binghamton University

Wandering in Two Worlds: Race Citizenship and Education Since 1945

Susanna Loeb, Stanford University

Attracting and Retaining High-Quality Teachers in Low-Performing Schools

Xin Ma, University of Alberta

Early Acceleration of Students in Mathematics: Does it Promote Stability of Growth in Achievement Across Mathematical Areas?

Joseph Robert Moreau, Globe Institute of Technology

Schoolbook Nation: Battling Over Portrayals of the American Community in Pre-Collegiate History Textbooks, 1865-2000

Andrea R. Nagy, Yale University

Defining English: Linguistic and Cultural Literacy in Seventeenth-Century Dictionaries

Ruth Curran Neild, University of Pennsylvania

Moving On, Falling Behind: Urban Students and the Ninth Grade Transition

Yoshiko Nozaki, Massey University

Japanese Education, Nationalism, and the Politics of War Memories, 1945-2000

Ana Abigail Payne, University of Illinois, Chicago

The Effect of Earmarking and Set-Aside Programs on Research Funding and Productivity

Deanne Rose Perez-Granados, Stanford University

Fool’s Gold? The Role of Computer Technology in Young Children’s Learning and Play

Brian Wesley Platt, George Mason University

Burning and Building: School, Community, and the Creation of the Modern Japanese State 1750-1900

Jennifer King Rice, University of Maryland

An Economic Analysis of Teacher Quality Versus Teacher Quantity: Tensions and Tradeoffs

Evan Schofer, University of Minnesota

The Worldwide Expansion of Higher Education, 1960-2000: A Comparative Statistical Analysis

Mark Roman Schultz, Lewis University

The Julius Rosenwald Fund and the Transformation of Educational Funding in the South, 1910-1950

Miriam Gamoran Sherin, Northwestern University

Developing Teachers’ Professional Vision Through Use of Video Clubs

Mona Lesley Siegel, University of Cincinnati

The Moral Disarmament of France: Education, Pacifism, and Political Culture, 1914-1940

David H. Sikkink, University of Notre Dame

Religion, Race and Schooling Choices for Children

Anita Wilson, Lancaster University

Prison Education — Policy, Practice and Process: A Transatlantic Comparison

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