2002 NAEd/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellows

Thea Renda Abu El-Haj, University of Pennsylvania

Citizenship in the Face of Conflict: Educating Palestinian (American) youth

Amy J. Binder, University of Southern California

Studying Education Reform as Contentious Politics

Geoffrey Dwight Borman, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Early Learning and the Social Composition of Schools

Catherine Compton-Lilly, Rochester CSD/St. John Fisher College

Reading Family Discourses: Literacy in urban families

Eileen M. Coppola, Rice University

Education Policy in the Cultural Realm: Do standards, testing and accountability change the way we think about education?

Michele Denise Crockett, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign

Teacher Inquiry as Professional Development: Improving algebra teaching and learning in urban middle schools

Thomas Sean Dee, Swarthmore College

The Civic Returns to Education

Laura Desimone, Vanderbilt University

Toward a More Refined Theory of School and Classroom Effects: A study of the effects of professional community on instruction and student achievement

John B. Diamond, Northwestern University

Family Background, Cultural Capital, and Teachers’ Perceptions of Students and Parents: Examining the development of organizational habits in urban elementary schools

Fabienne Doucet, Harvard University

Communicating Values about Education across Generations of Haitian Immigrants

Jack Dougherty, Trinity College

Cities, Suburbs, and Schools: An historical case study of metropolitan Hartford, Connecticut

Roger Goddard, University of Michigan

The Meaning, Effects, and Development of Collective Efficacy in Diverse Urban Schools

Neil Thomas Heffernan, Carnegie Mellon University

A Comparison of Student Learning Under Multiple Conditions: Classroom instruction, one-on-one human tutoring, and different types of computer tutoring

Clare A. Ignatowski, University of Pennsylvania

A New Politics of Belonging: Ethnic Solidarity Clubs in Cameroonian Universities

Ariel Kalil, University of Chicago

Consequences of Parental Job Loss for Adolescents’ School Performance & Educational Attainment

David L. Leal, SUNY, Buffalo

Politics and Latino Education at the Turn of the Century

Meira Leah Levinson, Boston Public Schools

Civic and Multicultural Education in Minority Settings

Jun Liu, University of Arizona

Is “the earlier the better”? – Investigating the effects of earlier English education in China

Bridget Terry Long, Harvard University

The Role of Price in College Decisions: Implications for aid policy

Na’ilah Suad Nasir, Stanford University

Learning On and Off the Court: African-American high school basketball players constructing identities as “doers” and “learners.”

Adam R. Nelson, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Nationalism, Internationalism, and the Origins of the American Research University, 1785-1915

Yoon Pak, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

In Search of Theory as Practice: Teaching for intercultural understanding, 1930s-1950s

Kathryn Eloise Perry, University of California, Berkeley

Young Children’s Perceptions of Teacher Practices: Implications for the development of reading competence

Sean Fitzpatrick Reardon, Pennsylvania State University

Choosing Schools, Choosing Neighborhoods: Understanding the “New Segregation”

Rob Reich, Stanford University

Educational Authority Over Children: Conflicts between parents and the state

Naoko Saito, University of Tokyo

A Study of Perfectionist Education through Emerson, Dewey and Cavell: Reconstructing the ethics of education

Kyoung-Hye Seo, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Teachers’ Understanding of Young Children’s Mathematical Thinking

Anna Yurevna Smolentseva, Moscow State University

Higher Education and Employment in Russia: Recent Ph.D.s on the national and international labor markets

Min Wang, University of Pittsburgh

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