Richard Anderson

Member Since: 1971

Richard C. Anderson is University Scholar and professor emeritus of education and psychology at the University of Illinois. He is also professor at Beijing Normal University and president of China Children’s Books. Educated at Harvard, Anderson has been a school teacher and an assistant superintendent of schools. He has served as president of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) and chaired the National Academy of Education–National Institute of Education Commission on Reading. He has published more than two hundred books and articles, notably Becoming a Nation of Readers. Anderson’s honors include twice winning the Palmer O. Johnson Award, AERA’s annual award for an outstanding educational research paper; the Oscar O. Causey Award from the National Reading Conference for career-long excellence in reading research; the William S. Gray Citation of Merit, the highest honor of the International Reading Association; the Distinguished Contribution to Educational Research Award of AERA; and the Edward Lee Thorndike Award for distinguished psychological contributions to education, presented by the American Psychological Association. He is currently the featured honoree in the Gallery of Scientists of the Federation of Associations of Brain and Behavioral Sciences. Anderson is interested in children’s reading, including microanalysis of social and cognitive facets of classroom reading lessons, story discussions that promote thinking, and the influence of writing systems on learning to read.

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