Ronald K. Hambleton

Member Since: 2020


Ronald K. Hambleton holds the titles of Distinguished University Professor and Executive Director of the Center for Educational Assessment at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He earned his PhD in 1969 at the University of Toronto. Professor Hambleton has been a member of the faculty for 41 years. He is co-author of several textbooks including “Fundamentals of Item Response Theory,” and editor or co-editor of several books including “International Perspectives on Academic Assessment,” “Handbook of Modern Item Response Theory,” “Computer-Based Testing and the Internet,” and “Adaptation of Educational and Psychological Tests for Cross-Cultural Assessment,” and the author of more than 600 articles in the measurement and statistics area. His research interests are in the areas of large scale assessment, test score reporting, and computer-based testing. He is the recipient of several national and international awards from ATP, NCME, APA, and AERA for his measurement research and of honorary doctorates from the University of Umea in Sweden and Oviedo University in Spain. He is a Past-President of the International Test Commission, the NCME, Division 5 of APA, and Division 2 of the IAAP.

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