Wilbert McKeachie

Member Since: 1977

Wilbert McKeachie is a professor emeritus at the University of Michigan and past director of the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching. He received his BA from Michigan State Normal College and his MA and PhD from the University of Michigan. McKeachie has received the ACT-American Educational Research Association Award for Outstanding Research, the Eastern Michigan Alumni Honors Award, the University of Michigan Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching, the Lifetime Contribution Award of the Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education, the American Psychological Association Award for Outstanding Contributions, the American Psychological Foundation Gold Medal for Enduring Contributions to Psychology in the Public Interest, and eight honorary degrees. His publications include Improving Undergraduate Instruction in Psychology (with D. Wolfe et al.), Man in His World: Human Behavior, Undergraduate Curricula in Psychology (with John Milholland), and Teaching Tips: Strategies, Research and Theory for College and University Teachers.

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