Announcing the 2016 National Academy of Education/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellows

May 18, 2016

The National Academy of Education (NAEd) is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2016 NAEd/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship. As part of their award, fellows will receive a $70,000 stipend for a period of up to two years to complete their research projects and participate in professional development activities organized by the NAEd.

According to NAEd President Michael Feuer, “The NAEd/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship program is special because it funds early career scholars from a wide variety of disciplinary perspectives. To date, nearly 800 current and former fellows have been awarded this prestigious fellowship, including many of today’s most productive and influential education researchers.”

The NAEd administers the postdoctoral fellowship program with generous funding from the Spencer
Foundation. More information about the NAEd/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship Programs is available on the NAEd website.


The 2016 NAEd/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Projects:

Laura Aull, Wake Forest University
Dangers of a Generalizing Genre: The Essay in US Education

Bianca Baldridge, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Exploring Race and Educational Opportunity within Community-based Educational Spaces

Kabria Baumgartner, College of Wooster
A Right To Learn: African American Women and Educational Activism in Early America

Michelle Bellino, University of Michigan
Education and Belonging in the Context of an Unknowable Future: Youth Aspirations in Kakuma Refugee

Kendra Bischoff, Cornell University
The Changing Relationship Between Schools and Local Communities: Neighborhood Inequality, School Choice, and Gentrification

Brian Burt, Iowa State University
Exploring Learning and Theorizing Engineering Identity: The Key to Sustaining STEM Participation for Black Males

Katharine Destler, George Mason University
Bridging Divides or Building New Walls? School Choice and the Distribution of Students Across Schools

Alan Dillingham, Spring Hill College
Speaking of Difference: The Politics of Indigenous Education and Development in Southern Mexico

Sarah Gallo, The Ohio State University
Deportations, Forced Repatriation and Transnational Schooling in Mexico

Gina Garcia, University of Pittsburgh
Hispanic Serving Institutions: Becoming Institutions that Equitably “Serve” Latinas/os

Conra Gist, University of Arkansas
Growing Your Own Black Teachers: Investigating Double Binds Across Teacher Development

Cassandra Hart, University of California, Davis
An Honors Teacher Like Me: Teacher-Student Demographic Match Effects on Enrollment and Course Performance in Advanced Courses

Rawia Hayik, Sakhnin College for Teacher Education, Israel
The Quest for Social Justice Goes to the Arab College Classroom

Michael Hevel, University of Arkansas
Creating a “Golden Age” of Gay Activism: A History of Gay Student Organizations’ Struggle-for Recognition Lawsuits, 1972-1997

Megan Hopkins, University of Illinois-Chicago
Exploring Teacher Learning in New Immigrant Destinations: Practice and Policy Implications

Huriya Jabbar, University of Texas
It’s Who You Know: Teacher Preferences, Social Networks, and the Job Search Process

Daniel Klasik, George Washington University
College Information Networks: A Social Network Analysis of Where Students Apply to College

Sarah Levine, Stanford University
Can the Teaching of Literary Interpretation be Scaled Up?

Tzu-Jung Lin, The Ohio State University
Promoting Interpersonal Competencies and Academic Achievement through Collaborative Social Reasoning

Ann Owens, University of Southern California
The Educational Attainment Gap Between High- and Low-Income Youth: The Role of Economic Segregation between Neighborhoods, Schools, and School Districts

John Papay, Brown University
Evaluation for Teacher Development: Exploring the Relationship between Features of Teacher Evaluation Systems and Teacher Improvement

Jie Park, Clark University
Recent Arrivals: Adolescent English Language Learners Navigating Academic Literacy in the First Year of High School

Frank Reichert, The University of Sydney
Civics Teaching in ‘Young’ and ‘Old’ Democracies and Student Learning Outcomes

Kathryn Schumaker, University of Oklahoma
Civil Rights at the Schoolhouse Gate: Student Protest and the Struggle for Racial Reform

Blaine Smith, University of Miami
Multimodal Composing-to-Learn: Understanding how Adolescents Analyze Literature through Multiple Modes in Digital Environments

Matthew Steinberg, University of Pennsylvania
Do School Closings Impact the Educational and Behavioral Outcomes of Displaced Students and Their Receiving School Peers? Evidence from Philadelphia

Amy Stich, Northern Illinois University
The Structure and Social Consequence of Postsecondary Tracking

Elizabeth Todd-Breland, University of Illinois-Chicago
A Political Education: Black Politics and Education Reform in Post-Civil Rights Chicago

Shirin Vossoughi, Northwestern University
Hands-Eyes-Voices: Towards an Interactional View of Embodied Learning and Educational Equity

Chenyi Zhang, Georgia State University
Promoting Writing Instruction in Early Childhood Classrooms (PWI): A Professional Development Model of Daily Routinized Writing Instruction

Dake Zhang, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Strategic Development for Middle Schoolers Struggling with Using Number Lines to Solve Fraction Problems: Assessment and Intervention

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