2017 Annual Meeting & Fellows Retreat

November 8-11, 2017
Washington, DC

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2017 NAEd/Spencer Spring Fellows Retreat

March 15-17, 2017
Keck Center of the National Academies
Washington, DC

The NAEd/Spencer Spring Fellows Retreat is an opportunity for NAEd/Spencer Postdoctoral and Dissertation Fellows to re-connect, present their research projects, and participate in mentoring and career development sessions.



2016 Annual Meeting & Fellows Retreat

November 16-19, 2016
The George Washington University
Washington, DC

The 2016 NAEd Annual Meeting & Fellows Retreat is an opportunity to connect with members, learn of the work of our NAEd/Spencer fellows, and receive updates on current and new initiatives. In addition, we will feature plenary sessions on Challenges in Higher Education, the IES Reading for Understanding Initiative, and Journalism and Education. Finally, our annual meeting dinner will feature an address by NAEd President Michael Feuer.



Workshop on Big Data in Education: Balancing Research Needs and Student Privacy

August 9-10, 2016
The National Academy of Sciences Building
Washington, DC

The National Academy of Education (NAEd) held a two-day workshop to address a fundamental tension faced by the education research community: how to balance the benefits of access to comprehensive (“big”) data with the potential risks to individual privacy and confidentiality. Our goal is to provide a basis for the development of policy options to promote quality education research while ensuring student privacy.



Workshop Series on Methods and Policy Uses of International Large-Scale Assessments

June 17, 2016 & September 16, 2016
Keck Center of the National Academies
Washington, DC

Although there is widespread recognition that ILSAs can provide useful information, there is debate about what types of comparisons are the most meaningful and what could be done to assure more sound interpretations. To address these issues, in 2015 the National Academy of Education assembled a Steering Committee to examine the future of ILSAs from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. The committee held two workshops and will be producing a summary report, to be released in 2017.


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