Privatizing the Public Good: The Worldwide Rise of Private Higher Education
Elizabeth Buckner

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NAEd/Spencer Dissertation Fellowship

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Stanford University

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My dissertation examines the rapid and recent worldwide rise of private higher education, which now substantially outpaces the growth of public higher education. My research takes a mixed-method approach that analyzes factors affecting the rapid growth of private higher education sectors from the level of global educational policy discourse to national higher education systems, to specific national policies and reforms. My dissertation is structured as three chapters, each of which examine factors affecting the spread of private higher education: a) shifts in global educational policy discourse; b) nation-level economic, demographic and historical factors; and, c) country-specific factors that shape higher education reforms in Jordan and Tunisia. My dissertation will shed light onto when, why, and how nation-states are shifting responsibilities for structuring educational opportunities away from the state towards the market.
About Elizabeth Buckner

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