The Moderating Effects of School Context on Racial Achievement Dynamics in High School: Modeling Key Elements of Social and Structural Theory
James Huguley

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NAEd/Spencer Dissertation Fellowship

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Harvard University

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Educational Psychology
Educational research has been unable to explain large portions of achievement disparities between Black and White students. To address this issue, this study will use the novel approach of testing whether certain school-context variables actually moderate the effects of known student-level contributors on achievement. Using a nationally representative sample, this study will examine the degree to which school racial composition and school-level racial socio-economic disparities attenuate the relationships between SES, achievement, and engagement for Black students. To do so this study will use multilevel, multiple-group structural equation modeling, a technique which allows one to test a system of relationships using optimal measures of key constructs. The results of this study will help clarify the moderating influence of school context on achievement disparities, and will also inform more targeted interventions in the pursuit of equity in educational outcomes.
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