Political Training Grounds: Student Activism in Nigerian Universities
Krystal Strong

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NAEd/Spencer Dissertation Fellowship

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University of California, Berkeley

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Based on 35 months of fieldwork, my dissertation is a comparative project, which examines how students practice politics in one federal and one private university, and a polytechnic?all in the dynamic city of Ibadan, Nigeria. Through a focus on youth, education, and politics, this project seeks to understand the factors shaping student political participation in universities and the socioeconomic and political outcomes of different kinds of tertiary institutions in a single city and its environs. The research makes use of various research methods including participant observation, informal and semi-structured interviews, questionnaires, archival research, a video documentation project, and Participatory Photo Mapping. This work will contribute a theoretically informed empirical study to the scholarship on African educational practices and institutions, youth and politics, and contemporary Nigeria in the fields of anthropology, education, political science, and African studies.
About Krystal Strong

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