Decisions under uncertainty: How teachers move discussions toward student learning and participation
Ling Hsiao

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NAEd/Spencer Dissertation Fellowship

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Harvard University

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Authentic classroom discussions can impact student performance when students think critically about multiple perspectives and challenge peers? propositions. Teachers foster authentic discussions through effective ?talk moves,? strategies promoting analysis and development of ideas in student talk. Yet, authentic discussions are rare in practice, suggesting that effective moves are not being implemented. Changing instructional practice to advance student performance relies on understanding how teachers make decisions. Thus, I conduct a multiple case study examining six teachers? instructional decisions during whole class discussions on social studies or science issues. I will analyze for teacher talk moves in videotaped discussions and afterwards, interview teachers on how and why they chose these particular moves. This study investigates teachers? developing expertise in using academic discussions to elevate student performance and seeks to contribute toward a model of teacher change.
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