Conceptualizing and Assessing Metacognitive Development in Young Children
Loren Marulis

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NAEd/Spencer Dissertation Fellowship

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University of Michigan

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Though metacognition (Mc; knowledge and regulation of cognition) is strongly associated with academic success, it has rarely been studied in early childhood when it is most likely to affect academic trajectories. This series of studies examines Mc at this important developmental site (n=107 preschoolers).  Programmatic research will explicate the conceptualization and measurement of Mc through the development and convergent validity assessment of a metacognitive interview with established observational measures of Mc (Studies 1 & 2) and elucidate the facilitation of emerging Mc using microgenetic Dynamic Assessment (Study 3). Both quantitative and qualitative analyses will be undertaken and results will contribute in critical ways to educational theory by explicating this important developmental construct and educational practice by informing the design and implementation of effective interventions for preschool-aged children intended to boost their learning and academic achievement.
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