Paying Attention to Reading Resistance: A New View on Students’ Reading Routines and Learning from Text
Suzanne Mol

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NAEd/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship

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VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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Educational Psychology
With each year of education, achievement differences in the classroom can be increasingly explained by students’ leisure time reading. Research is needed to better understand which experiences and intrinsic processes determine why some students do and others do not develop a book reading routine that helps promote school success. This study aims to demonstrate that high school students with an attentional bias to reading are resistant to read and thereby impeded in their learning from texts. By including both proficient readers and students with reading difficulties (e.g., dyslexics), I will further examine whether reading resistance affects incidental word learning from text independent of students’ reading abilities. The results of this study will yield a new approach for decreasing individual differences in reading behaviors so educators can better enable good as well as poor reading students to reach their academic potential and ultimately increase societal success at large.
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