Men of the Classroom: An Exploration of how the Organizational Conditions, Characteristics, and Dynamics in Schools Affect the Recruitment, Experiences, and Retention of Black Male Teachers.
Travis J. Bristol

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NAEd/Spencer Dissertation Fellowship

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Teachers College, Columbia University

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Educational Policy
In response to Secretary Duncan?s teacher recruitment campaign, ?Black men to the Blackboard,? and the high rate of Black male teacher turnover, this study explores the in school experiences of this subgroup. Previous research looks at why Black men enter the profession, how these teachers view and enact their work, and trends around turnover. As an extension to the existing body of work, I will carry out a phenomenological study, using semi-structured interviews and participant observations, of Black male teachers? experiences within four elementary and four secondary case study schools in one urban school district. At each grade level, I will select two schools with one Black male teacher and two schools with several Black male teachers. In so doing, this dissertation creates a new body of literature that explores how organizational conditions, characteristics, and dynamics in schools affect the recruitment, experiences, and retention of Black Male Teachers.
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