Charter Schools, Teacher Working Conditions, and Teacher Commitment
Yongmei Ni

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NAEd/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship

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University of Utah

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Despite bipartisan support, evidence on charter school effectiveness is mixed. Research is needed to probe inside the black box of school organizations to see how charter schools affect student achievement. Although it is assumed that high teacher commitment improves student achievement, little evidence is available on whether charter school teachers are more committed. To fill this gap, I will use the School and Staffing Survey to compare teacher commitment in charter and traditional schools and explore how the differences are associated with the intrinsic organizational conditions of charter schools. Methodologically, hierarchical linear modeling will be used to examine the relationship between charter schools, working conditions, and teacher commitment, based on a matched sample of charter and traditional schools. This project helps to understand how charter schools influence student outcomes and define more responsive environments for teachers that promote student learning.
About Yongmei Ni

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