What Use is Educational Assessment?

The NAEd and the American Academy of Political and Social Science (AAPSS) held a workshop of paper writers and discussants addressing the uses of educational assessment which will culminate in a May 2019 edition of the AAPSS The ANNALS. The workshop aimed to provide an updated account of the status of assessment in American schools as a foundation for improved policy thinking in the decades ahead.
Michael Feuer, James Pellegrino, and Amy Berman will co-edit The ANNALS volume. With attention to key policy, organizational, and technological developments affecting educational assessment, the volume will focus on the topics listed below and will incorporate feedback from each of the coinciding panels.  

Workshop on Educational Assessments

Panel 1: The History of Assessments in American Education

Panel 2: Assessments for System Monitoring

  • The US Example
    • Erin Fahle, Stanford University
    • Benjamin Shear, University of Colorado
    • Kenneth Shores, University of Pennsylvania
  • International Comparisons
    • Henry Braun, Boston College
    • Judith Singer, Harvard University
  • Discussant
    • Jack Buckley, American Institutes for Research

Panel 3: Assessments for System Accountability

Panel 4: Assessments for Selection and Placement

Panel 5: Assessments for Classroom Teaching and Learning

Panel 6 Part 1: Toward the Future: Advances in the Science of Measurement and Cognition

Panel 6 Part 2: Toward the Future: Advances in the Science of Measurement and Cognition

Panel 7: Policy Implications

  • Carl Cohn, Claremont Graduate University
  • Rebecca Maynard, University of Pennsylvania


Amy Berman, Deputy Director

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