James A. Banks edited a special issue of Intercultural Education that focuses on “Global Migration and Civic Education.” Intercultural Education is the official journal of the International Association for Intercultural Education (IAIE). The special issue is the October 2020 issue of the journal, which is available in both online and print editions. Banks’ book, Diversity, Transformative Knowledge, and Civic Education: Selected Essays was published by Routledge in April 2020.

Estela Bensimon was recognized with both the Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Prize in Education, and the ASHE Howard Bowen Distinguished Career Award.  At USC, Dr. Bensimon was named a University Professor, an honor awarded very selectively by the USC President based on significant accomplishments in several disciplines. Dr. Bensimon also co-edited Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning, Volume 52, Issue 2 published in June 2020, “An Unpaid Debt: The Case for Racial Equity in Higher Education.”  In that same issue, she authored “The Case for an Anti-Racist Stance Toward Paying Off Higher Education’s Racial Debt” and co-authored “First-Generation Equity Practitioners: Are They Part of the Problem?”

Micki Chi received the 2020 Harold W. McGraw Jr. Prize in Education, for her research in the learning sciences. There are 3 recipients, one per category, and she was the recipient for the category of research in the learning sciences.  The Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Prize in Education celebrates innovation in education by recognizing outstanding individuals who have dedicated themselves to improving education and whose accomplishments are making a difference today. Since its creation in 1988, nearly 100 remarkable leaders in all fields of education have been recognized and celebrated, many of whom continue to play transformative roles today. In 2020, the McGraw Family Foundation announced the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education as the new home for the prize. Through this collaboration, the prize is creating a yearlong programming series to share ideas and insights from McGraw Prize winners with educators around the globe.

Jeffrey R. Henig’s most recent book, co-authored with Rebecca Jacobsen and Sarah Reckhow, Outside Money in School Board Elections: The Nationalization of Education Politics, received the 2020 Dennis Judd Award for the best book published in urban politics. The award is given by the Urban Politics Section of the American Political Science Association.

David Kaplan was elected as Chair of the Editorial Council of the Psychometric Society, which includes his membership on the Board of Trustees. Kaplan was also named to the Editorial Board for the Springer series on Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences and to the Editorial Board of the new journal Measurement Instruments for the Social Sciences, published by Springer Nature.

Michael Kirst has been appointed a Senior Fellow at the Learning Policy Institute in Palo Alto, CA

Marcia C. Linn along with Libby Gerard and Korah Wiley received a grant entitled, Anti-Racism Interactive Science Education (ARISE), funded by the Hewlett Foundation. ARISE explores how open educational resources (OERs), combined with research-tested pedagogical patterns, can be used in teacher workshops to customize interactive science units to promote anti-racism while enhancing student agency. The ARISE partnership includes teachers from culturally varied Bay Area schools, learning sciences researchers, science discipline experts, software designers, and advisors who are leaders in anti-racism. The ARISE partnership identifies OERs with the potential to advance anti-racism. Studies show these OERs, when used by teachers to customize technology-rich interactive science units, can strengthen science understanding, build student agency, and promote racial equity. ARISE investigates how incorporating anti-racism OERs can promote equity by connecting understanding of science with the commitment to oppose racism.

Lorraine McDonnell and, Stephen Weatherford published: McDonnell, L.M. & Weatherford, M.S. Evidence, Politics, and Education Policy (Harvard Education Press, 2020). It presents a conceptual framework for understanding the strategic uses of different types of evidence in education policymaking, and applies the framework in an analysis of two case studies, including an in-depth examination of the Common Core State Standards.

Milbrey McLaughlin published a book about full service community schools and system change in Oakland, CA, in May.  See below:

The Way We Do School: The Making of Oakland’s Full-Service Community School District, Milbrey McLaughlin, Kendra Fehrer, and Jacob Leos-Urbel, Harvard Education Press.

Sonia Nieto’s professional activities have continued during the spring and fall 2020 while taking a different turn. Her article “Language, Literacy, Identity and Solidarity,” was published in the journal Literacy: Research, Method, and Practice (2020, v. 69, 137-153), based on the keynote address she gave at the 2019 Literacy Research Association conference at which she received the Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award. An article she wrote with her daughter, Alicia López, “A Mother-Daughter Writing Journey,” was published in English Journal (López and Nieto, 2020, 110 2, 22-25). A co-authored book chapter was published in the second edition of Beyond Categories: The Complex Identities of Adolescents edited by Michael Sadowski (Raible and Nieto, 2020, Harvard Education Press). She was named as an Advisor to the Center of Racial and Youth-Engaged Research at the College of Education, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Finally, she was recognized as a 2020 Latinx Trailblazer by the Black and Latinx Legislative Caucus of the Massachusetts Legislature.

Michael A. Olivas published Perchance to DREAM: A Legal and Political History of the DREAM Act and DACA (NYU Press), and postponed a scheduled national book tour in support of the book, the first study of DACA and the DREAM Act. Instead, he has conducted almost two dozen tv, radio, and zoom-book conference calls, allowing him to remain in his retirement location (Santa Fe, NM), his hometown. He has also extended the number of annual classes he conducts in his NPR show, “The Law of Rock and Roll,” from 12 to 18:

Annemarie Sullivan Palincsar, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor and Jean and Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. Professor of Reading and Literacy at the University of Michigan, was appointed Ann L. Brown Distinguished University Professor of Education in September, 2020.  She selected this name in honor of her mentor, and former (deceased) NAEd member, Ann L. Brown.

Laura Perna began serving as Vice Provost for Faculty at the University of Pennsylvania on July 1, 2020.  She and members of her research team, Jeremy Wright-Kim and Elaine Leigh, also published a new paper: “Is a college promise program an effective use of resources? Understanding the implications of program design and resource investments for equity and efficiency.” AERA Open, 6(4), 1-15.

Christine Sleeter’s anniversary edition of her novel White Bread (Brill-Sense) was released in September, 2020. The special issue of Genealogy that she guest edited on “Critical Family History” was published in summer, 2020. Her article “Combating racism and colonialism through ethnic studies,” originally published in Spanish in Revista ed Educación, was reprinted in English in H. P. Baptiste & J. H. Writer, Eds. (2021). Visioning Multicultural Education (pp. 44-61). New York: Routledge. She has given a keynote address: “The Movement for Ethnic Studies,” Research and Creativity Week, New Mexico State University and a keynote session (with James Banks): “A Conversation about Civic Education” at the National Association for Multicultural Education Virtual Conference. She has also given a webinar entitled “Transformative Ethnic Studies: Research and Praxis” at the Davis Joint Union School District, Davis, CA. Finally, she has served as a panelist for “Transformative Ethnic Studies in Education,” VI International Forum on Teacher Education (Virtual conference) at the Kazan Federal University, Russia.

William G. Tierney has published Get Real: 49 Challenges Confronting Higher Education (SUNY).

Stanton Wortham has published a new book, Migration Narratives: Diverging Stories in Schools, Churches, and Civic Institutions. Based on 10 years of ethnographic research in one American town, the book describes interethnic relations among Black, White and Mexican communities in one American town that has recently become home to thousands of Mexican migrants—tracing divergent stories about migration and how these stories help shape migrants’ experiences. The book is open access, so anyone can download a free PDF at or at the BC repository.



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