Anthony Bryk
The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
President Emeritus

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Anthony S. Bryk served as the ninth president of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching from 2008 through 2020, where he led the efforts to transform educational research and development, more closely joining researchers and practitioners to improve teaching and learning. He is now president emeritus and a senior fellow. While on the faculty at the University of Chicago, he founded the Center for Urban School Improvement, (now called the Urban Education Institute) and the Consortium on Chicago School Research (now called UChicago Consortium on School Research). In his recent works, Learning to Improve (2015) and Improvement in Action (2020) Bryk argues that improvement science combined with the power of networks offers a powerful new approach to reach our ever increasing educational aspirations. His most recent book, How a City Learned To Improve Its Schools, (2023) details the continuous learning and improvement efforts that fueled a systemic transformation in the Chicago Public Schools from what was once described as the worst school system in America to become one of the best at getting better.

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