Brian Rowan
University of Michigan
Burke A. Hinsdale Collegiate Professor in Education ; Research Professor, Institute for Social Research

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Brian Rowan is the Burke A. Hinsdale Collegiate Professor in Education, a Research Professor at the Institute for Social Research, and (by courtesy) a Professor of Sociology at the University Michigan. A sociologist by training (Ph.D., Stanford, 1978), Rowan’s scholarly interests lie at the intersection of organization theory and school effectiveness research. Over the years, he has written on education as an institution, on the nature of teachers’ work, and on the effects of school organization, leadership, and instruction on student achievement. Current projects include a descriptive study of reading instruction in elementary schools, field studies on the measurement of teaching, and studies of instructional interventions in American high schools. With Heinz D. Meyer, he recently co-edited The New Institutionalism in Education.

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