Daniel Koretz
Harvard University
Henry Lee Shattuck Research Professor of Education

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Daniel Koretz is the Henry Lee Shattuck Research Professor of Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The primary focus of his research is educational assessment, particularly as a tool of education policy. A major emphasis in his work has been the effects of high-stakes testing, including effects on schooling and the validity of score gains. His research has included studies of the effects of testing programs, the assessment of students with disabilities, international differences in the variability of student achievement, the application of value-added models to educational achievement, and the development of methods for validating scores under high-stakes conditions. His current work focuses on the design and evaluation of test-focused educational accountability systems. Dr. Koretz founded and chairs the International Project for the Study of Educational Accountability, and international network of scholars investigating improved approaches to educational accountability. His doctorate is in development psychology from Cornell University. Before obtaining his degree, Dr. Koretz taught emotionally disturbed students in public elementary and junior high schools.

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