Edward Haertel
Stanford University
Jacks Family Professor of Education, Emeritus

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Edward Haertel is the Jacks Family Professor of Education, Emeritus at Stanford University, where his research and teaching has focused on quantitative research methods, psychometrics, and educational policy, especially test-based accountability and the use of test data for educational program evaluation. Haertel's early work investigated the use of latent class models for item response data. His recent research projects have included studies of standard setting and standards-based score interpretations, statistical properties of test-based accountability systems, metric-free measures of score gaps and trends, and examination of value-added models for teacher evaluation from a psychometric perspective. Recent publications include Reliability and Validity of Inferences About Teachers Based on Student Test Scores (14th William H. Angoff Memorial Lecture, 2013), "Selection of Common Items as an Unrecognized Source of Variability in Test Equating" (2014, with M. Michaelides), "Fairness Using Derived Scores" (2016, with A. Ho), "Engaging Methodological Pluralism" (2016, with P. A. Moss), and "Tests, Test Scores, and Constructs" (2018). Haertel has served as president of the National Council on Measurement in Education, has chaired the Technical Advisory Committee concerned with the design and evolution of California's test-based school accountability system, is a past chair of the NRC's Board on Testing and Assessment (BOTA), and a former member of the National Assessment Governing Board.

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