Hirokazu Yoshikawa
New York University
University Professor of Globalization and Education

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Hirokazu Yoshikawa is the Courtney Sale Ross University Professor of Globalization and Education at Steinhardt. He is a community and developmental psychologist who studies the effects of public policies and programs related to immigration, early childhood, and poverty reduction on children's development. He has also conducted research on culture and sexuality in HIV / AIDS risk and prevention. He conducts research in the United States and in low-and middle-income countries. He currently serves on the Leadership Council and as the Co-Chair of the early childhood development and education workgroup of the U.N. Sustainable Development Solutions Network, the research and technical group advising the Secretary-General on the post-2015 global development goals. His recent books include Making it Work: Low-Wage Employment, Family Life and Child Development (2006, Russell Sage, with Thomas Weisner and Edward Lowe), Toward Positive Youth Development: Transforming Schools and Community Programs (2008, Oxford University Press, with Marybeth Shinn), and Immigrants Raising Citizens: Undocumented Parents and Their Young Children (2011, Russell Sage, sole authored). He has served on the Board on Children, Youth and Families of the National Academy of Sciences, the Early Childhood Advisory Committee of the Inter┬ČAmerican Development Bank, and the DHHS Advisory Committee on Head Start Research and Evaluation for the Clinton and Obama Administrations. In 2012 he was nominated by President Obama and confirmed by the Senate as a member of the National Board for Education Sciences. In 2013 he was elected to the National Academy of Education. He obtained his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from NYU.

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