Jacquelynne Eccles
University of California, Irvine
Distinguished Professor of Education

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Jacquelynne Eccles is Wilbert McKeachie Collegiate Professor of Psychology, at the University of Michigan. She received her BA from the University of California, Berkeley, and her PhD from the University of California, Los Angeles. Eccles has received the APS James McKeen Cattell Award, Society for Research on Adolescence Hill Award from the, the Div. 15 APAThorndyke Award, and the Div. 9 APA Kurt Lewin Award. She is past president of the Society for Research on Adolescence and one of the founders of the AERA Motivation SIG. Among other publications, she is co-author or co-editor of Managing to Make It, Gender and Occupational Outcomes, and Unexpected Educational Pathways. Her research focuses on school, family, and peer groups as contexts for social and cognitive development.

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