Kenneth Zeichner
University of Washington, Seattle
Boeing Professor of Teacher Education Emeritus

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Ken Zeichner is Boeing Professor of Teacher Education Emeritus, University of Washington, Seattle. From 1976 to 2009, he was a faculty member in the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He received his PhD in 1976 from Syracuse University specializing in School Organizational Behavior and Change. He also received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from Syracuse University in 2018. He has had visiting appointments at Deakin University (Australia), Umea University (Sweden), Simon Fraser University (Canada), the University of Southern California, the University of Gothenburg (Sweden), and the University of Minnesota. He received a Fulbright senior specialist award in 2004 which he spent in Australia. The American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education awarded him the Margaret B. Lindsay Award for Distinguished Contributions to Research on Teacher Education in 2002 and a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009. He won the AACTE annual award for Excellence in Professional Writing in 1982, 1993, and 2002, the Association of Teacher Educator's Distinguished Research Award in 1990 and was named Wisconsin Teacher Educator of the Year in 1992 by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. He is a Fellow in the American Educational Research Association and in the National Education Policy Center at the University of Colorado. His books include " Keywords in Teacher Education: Communities" (2024),"The Struggle for the Soul of Teacher Education," (2017), "Empowered Educators in Canada" (With Carol Campbell, Ann Liebermann, and Pam Osmod-Johnson, 2017), "Teacher education and the struggle for social justice," (2009), "Preparing teachers for the 21st Century" (with Zhudong, Zhu, 2014), "Studying teacher education" (with Marilyn Cochran-Smith, 2005), "Currents of reform in pre-service teacher education" (with Susan Melnick and Mary Gomez, 1996), "Issues and practices in inquiry-oriented education"(with Bob Tabachnick, 1991), "Teacher Education and the social conditions of schooling" and "Reflective teaching" (both with Dan Liston, 1996 and 2014), "Culture and Teaching" (with Dan Liston, 1996) and "Democratic teacher education reform in Africa" (with Lars Dahlstrom, 1999).

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