Robert Dreeben
University of Chicago
Professor Emeritus

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Robert Dreeben is professor emeritus at the University of Chicago and former chair of the Department of Education and of the Sociology of Education Section of the American Sociological Association (ASA). He received his AB from Oberlin in psychology, his AM from Columbia in sociology, and his PhD from Harvard in sociology. Publications include On What Is Learned in School;"American Schooling: Patterns and Processes of Stability and Change;" in Barber and Inkeles (eds.), Stability and Social Change; How Schools Work (authored jointly with Rebecca Barr); "The Sociology of Education: Its Development in the United States," the last receiving the Willard Waller Award from the ASA, and" Teaching and the Competence of Occupations," in Hedges and Schneider (eds.), The Social Organization of Schooling.” The book Stability and Change in American Education, edited by Hallinan, Gamoran, Kubitschek, and Loveless, was published in 2003 to mark his contributions. He received the Willard Waller Award for Lifetime Achievement from the Sociology of Education Section of the American Sociological Association, in 2013.

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