Robert Mislevy
University of Maryland, College Park
Professor Emeritus

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Robert Mislevy is Professor Emeritus at the University of Maryland in College Park. From 2011 to 2021 was the Frederic M. Lord Chair in Measurement and Statistics at Educational Testing Service. His research applies developments in technology, statistics, and cognitive science to practical problems in assessment. His work includes introducing an evidence-centered assessment design framework, developing a multiple-imputation approach for integrating sampling and test-theoretic models in the National Assessment of Educational Progress, and collaborating with Cisco Systems on simulation-based assessment of network engineering. His books include Bayesian psychometric modeling, Bayesian networks in educational assessment, and Cognitive Foundations of Educational Measurement, and he is co-editor of the collections Automated scoring of complex performances in computer based testing, Test theory for a new generation of tests, and Computational psychometrics: New methods for a new generation of educational assessment. Prof. Mislevy is a past president of the Psychometric Society. He has served on the Spencer Foundation's Idea of Testing project, the MacArthur Foundation's Assessment for Situated and Sociocultural Approaches to Learning, the Gordon Commission on the Future of Educational Assessment, and several National Academy of Sciences committees on improving learning and assessment. He has received career contributions awards from the AERA and NCME, and four times the NCME Award for Technical Contributions to Measurement.

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