Stephen Ceci
Cornell University
Helen L. Carr Professor of Development Psychology

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Stephen Ceci currently works with Wendy Williams on a major project examining sex differences in cognitive performance, which has culminated in several peer-reviewed articles (e.g., American Scientist) and chapters. Ceci and Williams also created the Cornell Institute for Women in Science (CIWS) web page, and gave a large number of media interviews. Ceci continues to develop a bio-ecological theory of intelligence, and continues to publish articles dealing with cognitive development. With Williams, Ceci has three large-scale national analyses of academic mentorship, hiring, and authorship issues that are currently under review. His research on children and the law also continues full-throttle, with a number of new experiments on children's false confessions and children's cryptoplagiarism. Ceci is author of over 400 articles, books, commentaries, reviews, and chapters—many in the premier journals of the field. According to Google Scholar, Ceci’s work has been cited over 20,000 times and his h-index is 59, with 37 publications each cited in excess of 100 times. Ceci has given hundreds of invited addresses and keynote speeches around the world (Harvard, Cambridge University, Oxford, Yale, Princeton, University of Rome, University of Oslo, and the Max Plank Institutes in both Munich and Berlin). Ceci has served on the Advisory Board of the National Science Foundation for seven years (the Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences), and was a member of the National Academy of Sciences’ Board of Behavioral and Sensory Sciences for six years.

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