Teresa McCarty
University of California, Los Angeles
Distinguished Professor and George F. Kneller Chair in Education and Anthropology
Teresa McCarty

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Teresa L. McCarty is an educational anthropologist whose work focuses on Indigenous education, language education planning and policy, and critical ethnographic studies of education in and out of school. At UCLA she is Distinguished Professor and George F. Kneller Chair in Education and Anthropology and Faculty in American Indian Studies. A Fellow of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), Society for Applied Anthropology, and International Centre for Language Revitalisation, she has been editor of American Educational Research Journal and Anthropology and Education Quarterly, and currently coedits the Journal of American Indian Education and an international book series on Language, Education and Diversity (Multilingual Matters). Her books include "To Remain an Indian"—Lessons in Democracy from a Century of Native American Education (with K.T. Lomawaima), Ethnography and Language Policy, Indigenous Language Revitalization in the Americas (with S.M. Coronel-Molina), The Anthropology of Education Policy (with A.E. Castagno), A World of Indigenous Languages (with S.E. Nicholas and G. Wigglesworth), and Critical Youth Research in Education—Methodologies of Praxis and Care (with A.I. Ali). She is the recipient of the George and Louise Spindler Award from the Council on Anthropology and Education for distinguished and inspirational contributions to educational anthropology, and she presented the 12th Annual AERA Brown Lecture, "So That Any Child May Succeed—Indigenous Pathways Toward Justice and the Promise of Brown." Her current research is a U.S.-wide study of Indigenous-language immersion schooling funded by the Spencer Foundation.

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