Thomas Good
University of Arizona
Professor and Head of the Department of Educational Psychology

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Thomas L. Good (Ph.D. Indiana University) is a Professor Emeritus and a long-time member of the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Arizona. His previous appointments were at the University of Texas- Austin (in the Department of Educational Psychology), and the University of Missouri- Columbia (in the Curriculum and Instruction Department). His teaching interests have included seminal readings in the social sciences and teacher effectiveness—policy and practice. His policy interest includes youth and effective teaching. Similarly, his research interests include the communication of performance expectations in classroom settings and the analysis of effective instruction, especially in schools that serve high numbers of students who reside in poverty. His work has been supported by numerous agencies including: The National Science Foundation, The National Institute of Mental Health, The Carnegie Corporation, the William T. Grant Foundation, National Institute of Education, and the US Office of Education. He has been a Fullbright Fellow (Australia) and served as long-term editor of the Elementary School Journal (published by the University of Chicago Press). He is a Fellow of two division in the American Psychological Association and the American Educational Research Association. His articles have appeared in the leading journals in the field in including the American Educational Research Journal, the American Psychologist, the Sociology of Education, and the Journal of Educational Psychology (to name but a few). He has co-authored many books: with Jere Brophy Looking in Classrooms (which has enjoyed 10 editions); with Bruce Biddle and Jere Brophy Teachers Make a Difference; with Douglas Grouws Active Teaching; with Mary McCaslin Listening in Classrooms; with Harris Cooper Pygmalion Grows Up; with Sharon Nichols America’s Teenagers- Myths and Reality; with Alyson Lavigne Enhancing Teacher Education, Development, and Evaluation: Lessons Learned from Educational Reform. Presently, he is co-editing with Mary McCaslin the Educational Psychology section for an online encyclopedia to be published by Routledge.

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