Zeus Leonardo
University of California, Berkeley

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Zeus Leonardo is Professor and past Associate Dean (2018-2021) of Education, and Faculty of the Critical Theory Designated Emphasis at the University of California, Berkeley. He is a Fellow of the American Educational Research Association and a past Vice President of AERA's Division G, Social Context of Education (2017-2020). He was co-editor of the Review of Educational Research (2011-2014) and has been on the editorial board of 15 journals, including Educational Researcher and AERJ, as well as the Associate Editor for North America of Race Ethnicity & Education. He has been a visiting professor in several universities, including the University of Colorado and University of Washington where he was the acting director of the Center for Multicultural Education in 2005. Leonardo has authored or edited ten books, such as Race Frameworks; the 2nd edition of Education and Racism (with Norton Grubb); and Edward Said and Education. His articles and book chapters critically engage race, class, and gender stratification in education; democratic schooling; and diversity in multiple forms, including epistemological and ideological difference. His work is interdisciplinary and encourages engagement between education and sociology, contemporary philosophy, and race/ethnic studies. He has received several recognitions, including the Derrick Bell Legacy Award from the Critical Race Studies in Education Association and the Scholars of Color Distinguished Career Contribution Award from the American Educational Research Association. In addition to invitations in the U.S., Professor Leonardo has delivered keynotes in England, Sweden, Canada, and Australia.

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