NAEd/Spencer Fellowship Applicant Resources

Spencer Foundation Applicant Guides

The Spencer Foundation has developed three how-to guides for applicants to Spencer’s research grants, which NAEd/Spencer Fellowship applicants might also find useful when working on their proposals. A strong proposal presents a well-grounded and convincing argument for the proposed research. Fellowships are won on the strength of their innovative and important ideas and the extent to which the proposed methods further these ideas. These guides should not be thought of as definitive checklists for crafting a successful proposal, but rather, they offer helpful guidance for writing field-initiated research grant proposals and designing strong quantitative and qualitative methods. You can access the three guides at the following links: 

Writing Successful Research Grant Proposals
Communicating Your Qualitative Research Design
A Guide to Quantitative Proposals​

Social Science Research Council’s “On the Art of Writing Proposals”

In addition to the guides above, applicants might find the Social Science Research Council’s “On the Art of Writing Proposals” to be a useful resource. It can be accessed at the link below:

 On the Art of Writing Proposals


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