2000 NAEd/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellows

Sarah Virginia Barnes, University of Northern Colorado

Gender and General Education at Landgrant Universities

Lorraine R. Bell, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Returns to Returning to School: The Effect of Mid-Life Schooling on Wages

Katerine M. Bielaczyc, Boston College

Facilitating Reflective Dialogue among Teachers: An Investigation of Student Reflections as Objects of Inquiry

Amy Sue Bix, Iowa State University

Engineering Education for American Women: An Intellectual, Institutional, and Social History

Claudia Buchmann, Duke University

Toward Educational Equality in the New South Africa: Possibilities and Constraints in Families and Communities

Clark Allen Chinn, Rutgers University

Microgenetic Studies of Learning During Collaborative Inquiry

Robert Joseph Culp, Bard College

Schooling and the Social Body: Shaping Citizens in China’s Lower Yangzi Region Schools, 1911-1937

Jerome Victor D’Agostino, University of Arizona

Validating Teacher Certification Tests

Judith V. Diamondstone, Rutgers University

Writing in Different Genres, Authorial Positioning, and Writer Identity: A Longitudinal Study of Urban Students from Grades 3-11 and their Transition to College or Workplace Settings

Antoinette Errante, Ohio State University

Power in Learning: A History of Education in Colonial and Post-Colonial Mozambique

Theodore Paul Gerber, University of Arizona

Education, Inequality, and Social Change in Post-Soviet Russia

Leslie Rupert Herrenkohl, University of Washington

Examining the Emergent Nature of Student Role-Taking

Frederick Michael Hess, University of Virginia

The Impact of Market Competition on Urban School Systems

Cynthia Lewis, Univeristy of Iowa

Critical Engagement: Multicultural Texts in a Rural Context

Liping Ma, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics: Unpacking the Packages of Teachers’ Understanding

Jeffrey Ayala Milligan, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Mosque and School in the Southern Philippines: Negotiating Religious Identity in the Public Education of a Diverse Society

Robert P. Moreno, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Effective Instructional Practices Among Mexican-Americans: An Ecocultural Approach

Carla D. O’Connor, University of Michigan

Black Identity and the Variation in Adaptations that Facilitate School Success: Privileging an Ecological Analysis

Marjorie Faulstich Orellana, Northwestern University

Immigrant Children as Child Language Brokers: Leveraging Skills for Literacy Learning

Marianne Elizabeth Page, University of California, Davis

Does Title I Make a Difference?

Meredith Phillips, University of California, Los Angeles

Why do African American and Latino Students Underperform in College Relative to White and Asian American Students with Comparable SAT Scores and High School Grades?

Deirdre Alexia Royster, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Work-Bound Youth, Schools, Families and Employers: Making the Connections

Robert Keith Sawyer, Washington University

Why Collaboration Works: Collaborative Emergence in Group Learning Environment

Jay Paredes Scribner, University of Missouri-Columbia

Exploring the Influence of Organizational Context on Teacher Learning

J. Douglas Smith, California Institute of Technology

Managing White Supremacy: Education, Politics, and Citizenship In Virginia, 1919-1954

Mitchell Lloyd Stevens, Hamilton College

Commensuration and Decision-Making in College Admissions

Melissa Ladd Teed, Saginaw Valley State University

Education and Women’s Public Identity in Nineteenth Century Hartford, Connecticut

Ron Tzur, Pennsylvania State University, University Park

Relating Conceptual Learning and Teaching in Mathematics

Elizabeth R.S. Watkins, Carnegie Mellon University

Life Lessons: Educating Women about Menopause and Aging, 1960-2000

Kevin Grant Welner, University of Colorado-Boulder

Returning to Court: Equity, Opportunity, Education, and the Law

Joy Ann Williamson, Stanford University

1960’s Higher Education Reform: An Interaction of Initiatives

Jon A. Yasin, Bergen Community College

Using Original Rap Lyrics in the Writing Classroom

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