2003 NAEd/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellows

Emma K. Adam, Northwestern University

Adolescent Cortisol Activity in Home, School and Peer Contexts: Cross-sectional and Longitudinal Relations with Stress, Health and Performance

Kimberly Ann Alidio, University of Texas, Austin

Remaking Filipinos: Race, Ethnicity and the Culture of U.S. Imperialism, 1898-1946

Elizabeth Ann Armstrong, Indiana University

An Erotic Curriculum? A Comparative Study of Collegiate Sexual Cultures

Hilary C. Barth, Harvard University

Foundations of Mathematical Understanding: Early Computational Ability with Nonsymbolic Quantities

Benita Carol Blessing, Ohio University

The Antifascist Classroom: Education in Soviet-occupied Germany 1945-1949

Christy Brady-Smith, Teachers College, Columbia University

Parenting, Early Experiences, and School Readiness in Context

William James Carbonaro, University of Notre Dame

Racial/Ethnic Differences in College Graduation: The Lasting Effects of High School Experiences

Prudence L. Carter, Harvard University

Crossing Borders: A Comparative Analysis of Race, Ethnicity and Culture in Different U.S. and South African School Contexts

Yuk Fai Cheong, Emory University

The Impact of School and Neighborhood Social Organization on the Academic Learning and Mental Health of Children and Early Adolescents in Urban Schools

Lindy L. Crawford, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

An Analysis of Process and Product: Outcomes of a Statewide Writing Assessment

Eric Curtis Dearing, Harvard University

Poverty, Anxiety, and Child Achievement: A Secondary Data Analysis of the NICHD Study of Early Child Care

Paul Eiss, Carnegie Mellon University

Deconstructing Indians, Reconstructing the Nation: Indigenous Education in Southeastern Mexico, 1880-1940

Jennifer Fredricks, Connecticut College

Academic, Psychological, and Behavioral Consequences of Extracurricular Activity Participation

Vincent Laurent Jose Goetry, Queen’s University

Literacy Acquisition and Achievement in Bilinguals: A Cross-Linguistic Perspective

Clarissa Rile Hayward, Ohio State University

Cities and Citizens

Lori Diane Hill, University of Michigan

Educational Opportunity in Post Apartheid South Africa: An Analysis of Access, Choice and Mobility in the Western Cape Province

Jesse E. Hoffnung-Garskof, University of Michigan

Nueba Yol: Aspiration, Empire and Migration in Santo Domingo and New York, 1950-1996

Mary Ann Huntley, University of Delaware

Investigating Standards-Based Mathematics Education: A Study of Middle-Grades Students’ Algebraic Thinking

Felicia Dawn Hurewitz, Rutgers University

Early Mathematical Literacy

Andrew Jewett, American Academy of Arts and Sciences

American Philosophy After the Golden Age: Columbia University in the City of New York, 1904-1967

Karina V. Korostelina, National Taurida University

Education for Tolerance: Multicultural Setting or Ethnic School?

Ritty Anne Lukose, University of Pennsylvania

Learning Modernity in a Global World: Education and Youth Culture in Kerala, India

Jeff MacSwan, Arizona State University

Understanding Language in Language Minority Education: Toward a Theory of Language in Contact

Daniel A. McFarland, Stanford University

Collective Action Dynamics in Classrooms

Shuaib James Meacham, University of Delaware

The Hip Hop Literacy Project: Documenting the Traditions, Motivation and Methods of Hip-Hop Written Composition

Heidi Anne E. Mesmer, Oklahoma State University

Textual Scaffolds for Beginning Readers: What Difference Do They Make in Developing Autonomy and Specific Literacy Behaviors

John M. Nieto-Phillips, New Mexico State University

Education and Americanization in New Mexico and Puerto Rico, 1890s-1940s

Lourdes Ortega, Northern Arizona University

Second Language and Literacy Development Over Time: A Synthesis of Longitudinal Research in Applied Linguistics

Lorna Rivera, University of Massachusetts, Boston

The Impact of Adult Literacy Education on Low-income Women of Color

Beth Cara Rubin, Rutgers University

An Interpretive Investigation of In-Classroom Detracking Across a Variety of Diverse School Contexts

Salvatore J. Saporito, College of William and Mary

Private Choices, Public Consequences: Private School Choices and Racial Segregation in Public Schools

Lynn Mary Sargeant, Colorado College

Music, Education, and Society: Teaching and Learning Music and “Civilization” in Late Imperial Russia

Parna Sengupta, Carleton College

The Molding of Native Character: Missionaries and the Education of Gender, Reason and Religion in Colonial Bengal

David Williamson Shaffer, University of Wisconsin, Madison

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