The National Academy of Education (NAEd) expresses solidarity with our local, national, and global communities, who together are confronting the COVID-19 pandemic. Our hearts go out to those who are sick, who may have lost loved ones, or anyone who may be living in fear for their families’ health and well-being in this growing pandemic. We also express our deepest concern for students and their families who are educationally and financially impacted by this pandemic.

In the immediate term, we believe that the most important strategy to overcome this crisis is to slow the spread of the virus through physical distancing measures. These include measures that temporarily interrupt or suspend learning in group and classroom settings in an effort to markedly reduce the number of infections and deaths, and to provide critically needed time for health care settings to prepare for those who will become sick.

These challenges will likely alter the structures, functions, and norms of education in profound and unprecedented ways. As a community of researchers and educators, we believe it is imperative that students and their families are deeply supported throughout the duration of this crisis. In the aftermath of this pandemic, it will also be essential for researchers and educators to examine lessons learned, and most importantly, support the work of ensuring that students, families, and communities recover and thrive. 


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