New Members

The NAEd is pleased to welcome the following new members who were elected to the Academy in February 2017: Estela Bensimon, Norman Bradburn, Charles Brainerd, Henry Braun, David Figlio, Megan Franke, Vivian Gadsden, Megan Gunnar, Chandra Muller, Na’ilah Suad Nasir, Diana Pullin, Morton Schapiro, Edward Silver, and Elliot Turiel.

These new members will be inducted into the Academy at a special rosette ceremony during the 2017 NAEd Annual Meeting dinner on November 10, 2017 in Washington, DC.


Board Transition

Gloria Ladson-Billings will begin her four year term as NAEd President at the fall annual meeting. During this transition, current NAEd President Michael Feuer will assume the role of Past-President and serve as an ex-officio board member for one additional year. In addition, a board nominating committee will soon be constituted to fill the following board vacancies that will occur at the fall annual meeting: (a) Vice President, (b) Secretary-Treasurer, and (c) Board member-at-large.


New Membership Nomination Process

New member nomination materials will be disseminated following the AERA Annual Meeting.
The proposed deadline for submitting nominations is June 30, 2017. As nominations are submitted, NAEd members will be recruited to serve on vetting committees to review nomination materials. Vetting reports should then be received by late September, and reviewed by the NAEd Board during its fall meeting. Currently the NAEd has 209 regular members and has a membership cap of 300 regular members. In addition, NAEd Secretary-Treasurer Catherine Snow and the NAEd Board are also engaged in an effort to look at various membership issues (including vetting procedures) with the aim to identify areas for improvement.

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