Annemarie Sullivan Palincsar

Member Since: 2005

Annemarie Sullivan Palincsar is the Jean and Charles Walgreen, Jr. Professor of Reading and Literacy at the University of Michigan School of Education. Annemarie is a literacy researcher and teacher educator who has focused much of her scholarship on the intersection of science and literacy learning. She has had a number of NSF and IES grants focused on teacher practice specific to enhancing elementary children’s engagement and learning in the context of investigation-based science and specific to text comprehension.

Prior to receiving her doctorate from the University of Illinois, Annemarie was a resource consulting teacher for atypical learners. Her work has been published in Cognition and Instruction, Elementary School Journal, Teachers College Record, Teaching and Teacher Education, and The Journal of the Learning Sciences among others.

Annemarie was a member of the National Research Council’s Study of Teacher Education Programs and the National Academy of Education’s Commission on Teacher Education. She also served on the National Research Council Task Force on Instructional Implications of How People Learn. In her current research, Annemarie is exploring the use of tablet technology to support diverse learner’s engagement in science literacy practices.

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