Anthony Bryk

Member Since: 1994

Anthony Bryk is president emeritus of The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. He previously held the Spencer Chair in Organizational Studies in the School of Education and the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University. He came to Stanford from the University of Chicago where he was the Marshall Field IV Professor of Urban Education in the sociology department, and where he helped found the Center for Urban School Improvement, which supports reform efforts in the Chicago Public Schools. He also created the Consortium on Chicago School Research, a federation of research groups that have produced a range of studies to advance and assess urban school reform. His current research and practice interests focus on the organizational redesign of schools and school systems and the integration of technology into schooling to enhance teaching and learning. Dr. Bryk received his BS from Boston College and his EdD from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Bryk has received the Palmer A. Johnson Award, the American Educational Research Association Division H Research Utilization Award, and the Willard Waller Award from the American Sociological Association. His books include Hierarchical Linear Models (with Stephen Raudenbush), Catholic Schools and the Common Good (with Valerie Lee and Peter Holland), Chartering Chicago School Reform: Democratic Localism as a Lever for Change(with Penny Bender Sebring et al.), and Trust in Schools (with Barbara Schneider), andOrganizing Schools for Improvement; Lessons from Chicago with Penny Bender Sebring, Elaine Allensworth, Stuart Luppescu, and John Q. Easton.

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