David Olson

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David R. Olson is University Professor Emeritus of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/University of Toronto. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and holds Honorary Doctorates from Gothenberg University (1994) and the University of Saskatchewan (1996) and the University of Toronto (2012). He has published extensively on language, literacy and cognition, including the widely anthologized article From utterance to text: The bias of language in speech and writing” (Harvard Educational Review, 1977). His book, The world on paper: The Conceptual and cognitive implication of writing and reading (Cambridge, 1994) has been translated into eight languages. His most recent authored books are Psychological theory and educational reform: How school remakes mind and society (Cambridge, 2003) and Jerome Bruner: The cognitive revolution in educational theory (Continuum, 2007). His self-published memoir, “A Mind in the Making: A Memoir,” was published by Amazon in 2018. He is co-editor with Nancy Torrance ofThe Cambridge Handbook of Literacy (2009) and The Handbook of Education and Human Development (Blackwell, 1996); co-editor with Michael Cole of Technology, literacy and the evolution of society: Implications of the work of Jack Goody (Erlbaum, 2006); co-editor with Janet Astington and Paul Harris of Developing theories of mind (Cambridge, 1988); co-editor with Janet Astington and Philip Zelazo of Developing theories of intention (Erlbaum, 1988); co-editor with Nancy Torrance of Literacy and orality (Cambridge, 1991); and with Nancy Torrance and Angela Hildyard of Literacy, language and learning (Cambridge University Press, 1985). He has recently been added to Routledge’s anthology of “Great Thinkers in Education”. A Festschrift “Minds in the Making” J. Astington, Ed. (Blackwell, 2000) was published in his honor. His latest book, “The Mind on Paper: Reading, consciousness and rationality” was published by Cambridge University Press in 2016.

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