Hyman Bass

Member Since: 2009

Hyman Bass is the Samuel Eilenberg Distinguished University Professor of Mathematics and Mathematics Education at the University of Michigan. Prior to 1999 he was Adrain Professor of Mathematics at Columbia University. His mathematical research covers broad areas of algebra with connections to geometry, topology and number theory. He has received the Cole Prize for his work in algebraic K-theory from the American Mathematical Society, of which he was later president. In 2007 he received the US National Medal of Science. He has held visiting research and faculty positions at mathematical centers around the world, including Paris, Bombay, Rio, Cambridge, Stockholm, Mexico, Rome, Trieste, Hong Kong, Berkeley, and Jerusalem. He is a member of the US National Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the Third World Academy of Sciences. Bass was chair of the Mathematical Sciences Education Board at the NRC, and President of the International Commission on Mathematics Instruction. For more than a decade he has been collaborating with Deborah Ball and her research groups at the University of Michigan on aspects of mathematical knowledge for the teaching of mathematics, mainly at the elementary level. In particular, he has explored how the concepts and practices of mathematics as a discipline can find authentic, and pedagogically appropriate expression in school classrooms. In all of this work, a major challenge has been to build bridges between diverse professional communities, especially mathematicians, and stakeholders involved in mathematics education.

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