John Meyer

Member Since: 1984

John W. Meyer is Professor of Sociology, emeritus, at Stanford. He has contributed to organizational theory, comparative education, and the sociology of education, developing sociological institutional theory. Since the 1970’s, he has studied the impact of global society on national states and societies (some papers are collected in Weltkultur: Wie die westlichen Prinzipien die Welt durchdringen, Suhrkamp, 2005; a more extensive set is in G. Kruecken and G. Drori, eds.: World Society: The Writings of John W. Meyer, Oxford, 2009). In 2003 he completed a collaborative study of worldwide science and its national effects (Drori, et al., Science in the Modern World Polity, Stanford). A more recent collaborative project is on the impact of globalization on organizational structures (Drori, et al., eds., Globalization and Organization, Oxford, 2006). He now studies the world human rights regime, and world curricula in mass and higher education. He has honorary doctorates from the Stockholm School of Economics and the Universities of Bielefeld and Lucerne, and received the American Sociological Association’s awards for lifetime contributions to the sociology of education, to the study of globalization, and to the field generally (the W.E.B. DuBois award).

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