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Margaret A. Eisenhart is University Distinguished Professor Emerita of Educational Anthropology and Research Methodology at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She received her undergraduate degree in French literature from Emory University and her masters and doctorate degrees in anthropology from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Her research focuses on the application of anthropological concepts and methods to educational settings. In particular, Eisenhart has studied culture, gender relations, women’s experiences, and women in science. She has conducted research in elementary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, and work places. Her most important works include: Educated in Romance: Women, Achievement, and College Culture (with Dorothy Holland); Women’s Science: Learning and Succeeding from the Margins (with Elizabeth Finkel); and Designing Classroom Research (with Hilda Borko). Her teaching areas are anthropology and education, ethnographic research methods, and introduction to research design. In her current research project, she developed a program to encourage high school minority girls’ interest in engineering and IT and is studying how the program and its goals fit into the context of the girls’ lives. She is a fellow of the American Anthropological Association and a member of the National Academy of Education. Eisenhart was the 2001 recipient of the Elizabeth Gee Award for outstanding contributions to research, teaching, and service for women. In 2003 she won the university’s highest honor, the Distinguished Research Lectureship Award for a career of outstanding scholarship.

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