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Pam Grossman is the Dean of the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania and the Nomellini-Olivier Professor Emerita at the Stanford University School of Education. She completed her undergraduate degree in English at Yale University and her PhD from Stanford University. She has published broadly in the areas of teacher education and professional education more broadly teacher knowledge, and the teaching of English in secondary schools. Her articles have appeared in Teachers College Record, American Educational Research Journal, Educational Researcher, Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis among others. She investigated how people are prepared for the demands of relational practice in a cross-professional study of the preparation of clergy, teachers, and clinical psychologists. She was also one of the principal investigators of a five year study of pathways into teaching in New York City schools, focusing on the features of preparation that affect student achievement. Her more recent work investigates the classroom practices of middle-school English teachers that are associated with student achievement. As part of this work, she helped develop the Protocol for English Language Arts Teaching Observation (PLATO) instrument, which has been used in the Measures of Effective teaching project. Her latest study, funded by IES, studied a professional development model that uses PLATO as a tool for instructional improvement.

Grossman is a member and Vice Chair of the Spencer Foundation Board of Directors, and a member of the Board of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. She was the Founding Director of the Center to Support Excellence in Teaching at Stanford and the Founder of the Hollyhock Fellowship for early career teachers in underserved schools. A former high school English teacher herself, Grossman taught the prospective English teachers in Stanford’s teacher education program for many years.

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