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Yossi Shavit is the Weinberg Professor of Sociology at Tel Aviv University. Shavit is a former president of the Israeli Sociological Society, a Spencer fellow, an Alon Fellow, a member of the honorary Sociological Research Association and past secretary of the ISA’s Research Committee on Stratification (RC28). Prior to his appointment in Tel Aviv University, he served as a professor and department chair at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. Shavit received his PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (1983). His main interests are in the areas of Social Inequality and the Sociology of Education. He has published Persistent Inequality (with H-P Blossfeld, Westview Press, 1993), From School to Work (with W. Müller, Clarendon Press, 1998) and Stratification in Higher Education (with R. Arum and A. Gamoran, Stanford University Press, 2007), and several other volumes and many papers in leading peer reviewed journals. Shavit is a Principal Researcher at the Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel where he directs the Educational Policy Program. Currently, he is studying social integration between Arab and Jewish students who attend mixed schools in Israel. He is also developing an interest in the effects of experiences and education in early childhood on children’s educational attainment and their cognitive achievements.

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