Current EMERG Scholars

Current recipients of the Equity in Math Education Research Grants (EMERG). To learn more about each project, click on the recipient’s name. Visit this page for more information about EMERG.
Searching for Educational Equity Through Critical Socio-Spatial Analysis
University of Texas at Austin
Teacher Training in Error Analysis within Classrooms using an Error PVEST Model
University of Pittsburgh
Seeing Math Within: Co-Designing Mathematics Activities with Families and Teachers
University of Denver
Attending to Mathematical Ingenuity to Nourish, Empower, and Sustain Elementary Mathematics Teachers
California State University, Fullerton
Fostering Critical Consciousness: Transforming Pre- and In-Service Latino/a/e Bilingual Teachers' Perceptions of Latino/a/e English Learners' Abilities and the Role of Errors in the Math Classroom through Professional Development on the U.S.-Mexico Border
New Mexico State University
Let it resound, without bound: The joy and brilliance of Black Language in Mathematics Discourse
Georgia State University
Amplifying Indigenous Micronesian Intelligence for Data Science (MINDS) with Culturally Relevant Data
University of Oklahoma
Constructing Arguments Together: Redefining Participation in Mathematical Argument
Michigan State University
Towards Emancipatory Anti-Racist Mathematics Teaching and Learning
San Jose State University
Role of Oral Language in Mathematics Learning: A Study of Bilingual Latine Families and Children
Purdue University

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