Entities Evaluating Teacher Preparation Programs

Entities Evaluating TPPs

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The entities that evaluate teacher preparation programs in the United States have developed evaluation systems with different purposes, consequences, advantages, and disadvantages.

Main Types of Evidence Used by Different Teacher Preparation Programs Evaluation Systems​

Federal HEA-II National Accreditation State Program Approval Media and Independent Ratings TPP Evaluations for Program Improvement
Input Measures
Selectivity (e.g., average SATs or GPA) x x x x
Faculty qualifications x x x
Substance of instruction (e.g., syllabi, lectures, textbooks) x x x x
Student teaching experience (e.g., minimum number of hours, records of observations) x x x x x
Surveys of program graduates x x x
Output Measures
Teacher certification tests (pass rates, average scale scores) x x x
Hiring and retention x x x
Candidate performance assessments x x x
Surveys of principals and employers x x x
Impact on student learning (VAMs) x x x x

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