Current NAEd/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellows

Current recipients of the NAEd/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship follow. To learn more about each project, click on the recipient’s name. Visit this page for more information about the NAEd/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship.
Crafting Dominicanidad: Citizenship and Education during the US occupation of the Dominican Republic (1916-1924)
University of Virginia
U.S. Black Vernacular Spanish(es): Towards Hemispheric Black Language Pedagogies in Spanish World Language Classrooms
University of Tennessee
Building new social futures in video game play: Co-designing pedagogical prototypes for imagining beyond inequity
University of Colorado
The Evolving Role of High School Equivalency Credentials as a Post-Secondary Pathway
University of Houston
Growing Democracy: Examining Children's Civic and Rhetorical Practices in Election Years
University of Toronto
Individual Experiences of and Institutional Responses to Sex Discrimination in American Higher Education, 1994-2014
Indiana University
Racial Compass: Examining How Schools’ Racial Features Signal and Sort
University of Texas
Innovating (In)equality: Philanthropy, Federal Policy, and the Racial Politics of K-12 Education, 1954 to 1994
University of Virginia
Toward Answerable Research Practice Partnerships: Co-Designing Learning Spaces Accountable to Native Places and Peoples
University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Stolen Innocence: How the United States Robbed Migrant Minors of Their Childhood
University of Illinois
Learning to Learn – Empowering Children to Guide Their Learning
University of Tübingen
“Things We’ve Known Even Before Having the Words to Explain”: A Critical Multimodal Witnessing Approach to Examining the Affective Pedagogies of Teachers of Color
University of California, Santa Cruz
School Funding Mechanisms and Property Tax (In)Equity
Public Policy Institute of California
Unsettling Raciolinguistic Hierarchies in U.S. Science Education
University of Wisconsin-Madison
What is fair? Disentangling public conceptions of merit and equity in the age of inequality
Columbia University
Labor and Learning: Analyzing Teacher Strikes and Their Impacts on Students and Communities, 2007-Present
University at Albany
Constructing Campus Ecologies to Equitably Serve Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Students: A Multiple Case Study of Asian American & Native American Pacific Islander-Serving Institutions
New York University
Civics as Survivance: Unsettling Curriculum to Transform Democracy
Teachers College, Columbia University
Faculty Cluster Hiring as a Catalyst for Racial Equity in the Professoriate
Montclair State University
Hardening Schools, Targeting Students: Minoritized Students, School Security, and the School-Prison Nexus
George Mason University
If We Aren't Grieving, We Aren't Healing: Grief as a Trauma-Informed Praxis
University of Michigan
How “Joyful Warriors” Know the World: Emotion and Epistemic Practices in the Moms for Liberty Podcast
University of Washington
Culturelessness as a Conceptual Framework: Cultural Capital and Racialization in Novice Language Teacher Pedagogies
University at Buffalo
Disrupting Anti-Black Logics in Education: Cultivating Critical Perspectives and Expansive Representations of Black Histories and Cultures in School Curriculum
University of Rhode Island
“Somos El Sur”: Mapping the collective experiences and dreams and of Latinx/é teachers across the U.S. South
University of Buffalo

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